Friday 2nd June 2017

I’ve heard it said that jetlag doesn’t hit you for a couple of days after returning, and that would seem to be the case because today I’ve been absolutely floored.
I’ve always been pretty lucky.  I usually opt to take a red-eye and try to sleep when flying back from North America so I can basically confuse my internal body clock so much it just accepts whatever sleep pattern it’s presented with after getting home.
But the combination of the fidgeting woman and the snoring of the podcaster meant I was unable to sleep on the flight and as a result, today I’ve been absolutely exhausted.
I suspect some of it comes from the actual trip itself.  I ran on so few hours of sleep the entire trip, I could sleep for a week and not catch up on the hours I lost.  My body today, however, wants all those hours back.
The important thing is I don’t feel ill-tired.  I feel the good type of exhausted, and I’m just glad that in my planning for the days after Chasepalooza, I figured in some time to recover.  Because I’m no use to anyone today.
I did get some stuff done though.  Today’s big task was to get the School of the Sword website updated.  I’d wanted to get this done on the road, but a combination of vlogs and The Climb coupled with troublesome hotel WiFi meant I didn’t get time.  And so today I had to do all the blog posts I missed whilst away.
And there was a LOT of them.  It’s great being in such an active school.  There’s always something going on, but in the time I was away we had people fighting in three tournaments, as far away as Norway and Italy.  There’s also four medal wins that need to be recorded, and two students who passed their safety test, plus three instructors who went to events to hold workshops.  We’re really busy.
As a result, after finishing my day job , I then spent the best part of the rest of the day trying to find where the pictures for all these were (emailed, FB Messenger, Instagram, Facebook), edit the pictures and write up the blog posts.  That took me close to 11pm at night.
On one hand I’m glad I got it all done, and I suspect had I been more awake I could have got it all done inside a few hours, but in my jetlagged state, it did feel a bit like a marathon.
To accompany me, even though I’ve not yet caught up on all my Youtube subscriptions, I started on Masterchef Australia.  I love this programme as it’s this epic marathon of a competition with the kinda warm vibe you get from Bake Off.  I love it that it’s so positive.  Even when someone messes up, the judges are just “you had a bad day, mate; you’re a good cook, we just make this stuff deliberately tough”.  I much prefer that to the backstabbing you get with some shows like The Apprentice.
Given I watch so little TV, I have a mountain to watch.  I’ve not yet watched Luke Cage or Iron Fist, despite desperately wanting to, I’m about 5 episodes behind on this season’s Doctor Who, and I’ve not even started on American Gods.  Given that Australian Masterchef is on every day for a least an hour a day, I feel like I could do nothing but watch TV from now until September and still not be caught up.
But I’m aware I have writing to do.  I’m pretty much of the mindset that I’ll get stuck in from Monday.  That’ll give me time to come up with a detailed plan of attack as well as get some rest.
I edited another vlog tonight after finishing the SOTS stuff.  I’ve been shooting some content over the last couple of days and I’m interested now that the frantic pace of Chasepalooza is over, whether I can start looking at creating better quality content.  I’d like to spend more time on the editing, doing colour correction and the like to make the results a bit more polished.
But I’m aware that I have less interesting content and the edits are going to start eating up a massive amount of my time.  So I continue to film, not sure whether I will edit or not.  I need to make a decision as I’m now a couple of days behind and if I intend to continue it I really should catch up.
But I’m incapable of making any important decisions right now.  One minute I feel wide awake and the next I feel like I’m going to drop asleep at my desk.
I’ve had an incredibly hectic couple of weeks.  Best I get some rest over the weekend and then feel ready to attack everything on Monday.
If you want to follow more of my journey, then be sure to check me on my social channels.  Likewise, if you’d like me to expand on any point mentioned above, please say so in the comments.

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