Wednesday 17th May 2017

I never got much sleep.  I woke around 8am and as that’s around the time I want my body clock to wake I decided it best to get up and check if the vlog had uploaded.
I’d been worrying why videos didn’t seem to be being posted at the time I scheduled.  Some were a case of me setting the wrong date but I eventually worked out that the issue was the fact that I was now in Canada and so if I scheduled a video to go live at 12:00, it would do it at 12:00 Manitoba time, not UK time.
My plan for today was to go to the Outlet Mall.  Losing that one day has meant that my plans to spend a couple of days shopping seem a bit more urgent if I want a day before our chase to relax, charge everything and get ready for a hectic week or so.  But, I remembered this morning as I went to shower, that I always buy my toiletries in Walmart and then leave them behind when I fly home so I don’t get back to shower gel leaked all over my stuff.
So that meant today I had to go to Walmart.  Kim had shown me where it was on our drive around town last night (although I’d checked it on the map before I flew).  It wasn’t too far so I decided that after spending a couple of days in air conditioned hotels and airports, I really needed some fresh air.
The weather is very odd out here.  It was windy today, but not cold.  I mean there was a snap to the air, but it didn’t feel like windchill.  It later occurred to me, it was like being on the beach on a bracing summer’s day.  I kinda liked the savagery in the wind, and with my headphones on, I really enjoyed my walk to Walmart.
I tend to buy a lot of T-Shirts in Walmart each year.  I like the really thin synthetic fibre ones because they feel more breathable when I use them in the gym.  However, Winnipeg Walmart was a bit crap and didn’t have any.  What they did have though, were light superhero hoodies.  These seem perfect for something to wear after a gym or swordfighting session, where you want something to keep your body warm afetr exercise, but it’s not cold outside.  So I got them all.
Canada seems cheap for some things, but expensive for others.  Those other things include clothes but perhaps that’s me treating US dollars and Canadian the same.
From there I walked south to the existing Mall.  I’d thought this was where the new outlet mall was until I double checked this morning and found out that it was in fact 6 miles away.  A bit too far to walk.  SO I ended up window shopping in the normal mall, with a view to coming back there for things if I can’t find them at the outlet.
We’re using Whatsapp for team communication and it’s working really well for us.  My friend Shannon messaged me to tell me that I should meet her after work.  So  I had Arby’s for lunch (turkey sandwhich) and headed back to the hotel.
I caught a taxi into the centre of town.  Cost me about £10.  There I met Shannon and we went back to her house about an hour to the north.
The models are still showing next week as looking fairly quiet.  I’d already been prepared for this chase to be bust-heavy (No, that’s not a sexist remark, it’s about busting on storms, I.e. We miss them).  I’d love to get a supercell timelapse.  That’s my big aim for this year.  Even if I don’t see a single tornado I’ll be happy if I get some great timelapses.  Tomorrow is looking good but the models are trending south into Kansas.  Even leaving at 7am I don’t think we can make it.
We took the dog for a walk.  Canada really has some beautiful country.  I recognised it from some of the pictures Shannon has posted on Facebook and yes, this was where the bear was sighted.  At least geocaching back home the worst you have to worry about are brambles.
She showed me around her massive property (Canada has so much space) and then after a lovely Lasagna we headed out to the beach.
We wanted to do some sunset timelapse and it was a bit of a rush.  We hoped to do some wire spinning as wll but it was far too windy (so we might just do it in the US on a down day).  I got to use my awesome intervalometer and then panicked when it didn’t work.  Turns out that you have to switch the camera on for it to work.  D’oh!
We were joined by the 4th person in our team.  Whilst I know Shannon and Kim from our previous chases, I’d not met David before.
We timelapsed until the sun went down (and it was an amazing sunset) but were frozen as a result.  So I got to go to my first Tim Hortons.  I don’t drink coffee so I had the white hot chocolate and whilst it was amazing because it was something hot after all that lake air… it really was amazing.  Having another one of those tomorrow!
As David lives in the city he was taking me home and we were heading back when Shannon Whatsapped us to say that she could see the Northern Lights.  We drove to a quiet, dark spot and I could just make them out with the naked eye.  However, I took a 30 second exposure and it came out well.
I’m not sure if it was because I set my intervals wrong or because we tried to preview the picture as it was timelapsing, but that was the only picture that came out.  A bit annoyed, even though on a 30 second exposure you’d have to be there for hours to do even a couple of seconds of video.  But at least I have one shot, and I can now cross that off my bucket list.
Got back and edited video for the vlog.  I need to be much tighter in what I film, because I’m making editing hard for me, as a result it took me a good 2 hours just to lay the rough 18 minute draft down.  I need to cut that tomorrow morning as longer vlogs mean more upload time, more editing time, and likely more hassle… and I’m going to be busy enough chasing storms.
If you want to follow more of my journey, then be sure to check me on my social channels.  Likewise, if you’d like me to expand on any point mentioned above, please say so in the comments.

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