Saturday 22nd April 2017

It’s been an interesting but slightly unproductive day.  I slept in late because I really needed it.  I’m exhausted after the last week.  No way did it feel like a 4 day week.
I got into a discussion online across several platforms on combat sports / martial arts.  I’m actually surprised that some people think that it’s just uncontrolled violence between two participants.  I get that some people don’t understand the simple difference between consensual combat and violence and it could be a bit triggering for them, but even so the vast majority of the discussion was sensible and positive with a few having differing opinions.  However, as a number of people pointed out to me, there are always those who you engage with who don’t want to listen to anything but their own echo.
The novel I’m currently writing is all about the nature of violence.  I look at the aftermath of a heroic event.  I look at the scars that violence leaves on the hero and those caught up in the climax of the last book.  I even go as far to look at the concept of a hero.
As someone who both teaches (and fights with) people across a wide range of genders and sexualities, fights in international tournaments, worked in the voluntary sector for close to a decade and spent close to 13 years living with the aftermath of losing a close friend to domestic violence, I think I have a nuanced experience with violence.
I’m hoping that it takes the series in an interesting direction and that my mixture of experiences don’t so much provide answers as create questions.
But the discussion did really help me.  I’ve been struggling with the thematic climax for book 2.  How do I bring all these ideas together at the end?  And I think I now have it.  I think I now have a conclusion that works.
This afternoon I worked on a few plans for Cake Club which we’ll be doing after I come back from storm chasing.  I really like working with a bunch of adventurous writers.  I’ll suggest something and think they won’t go for it because it’s so nuts, and then they come back with something even more awesome.  Whether it will work or not remains to be seen but the fun is in trying.
We’ve set up a couple of meetings in the coming months to discuss this and other plans.  I love it that my writing schedule is so packed for this year.  It’s like having two second full-time jobs.  The challenge is fitting it all in.  Thankfully, I’m managing to do this by planning a way in advance.
Anyways, some good discussion this afternoon laying the groundwork for stuff coming this summer.
I also went to the gym this afternoon.  I managed to do a 10km/h pace over a 5k which was a new record for me.  And for once, I really felt it.  I suspect I’ll be staying at this speed for a few weeks.  Given my back is still playing up, I decided against doing any more than the run.  In hindsight I could have probably done this on the treadmill at home, but I wanted to get some fresh air and I wasn’t sure at the time if I’d also do some other exercises.
The evening writing didn’t materialise.  I’m a little annoyed with that.  I know it’s because I felt so exhausted today.  I can tell I’m tired as I’m questioning whether to go swordfighting tomorrow… and that NEVER happens.  Heck, I even thought about playing some games this evening to chill out and was too exhausted for that.
I did speak to friends on the phone though and it was good to catch up
But, whilst I didn’t get any writing done, I have been going through the upcoming chapters in book 2 and working out all the character arcs.  Oh why do these final scenes involve so many characters?  Why do I do this to myself?
But I think I have the plan in place.  It may turn into 4 or 5 chapters instead of 3, although given my wordcount is currently under, I’m not too bothered about that.  I think I manage to give each of the secondary characters a conclusion to their character arc, and do it in such a way that the story flows and it doesn’t feel like the end of Lord of the Rings with character conclusion after character conclusion.
After doing that and everything else that’s been going on today, I really didn’t feel like diving into the writing.  I didn’t feel like much really.  I was just completely lethargic.  I know it’s down to a busy week at work but I really cannot afford to lose a day at the moment.
I’ve also discovered that my expensive headphones I wear when writing are broken (no, not the Beats).  I’ve discovered that it’s a design flaw but that’s really annoying and as a result they are not cushioning the top of my head properly.
So whilst I got a lot of the non-writing writing stuff done, I don’t feel I had a productive day today.  These days happen from time to time but that doesn’t mean I don’t finish the day feeling a bit shitty.  I’m hoping another early night will help.
If you want to follow more of my journey, then be sure to check me on my social channels.  Likewise, if you’d like me to expand on any point mentioned above, please say so in the comments.

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