Fighting Time – The Climb #64

Fighting Time – The Climb #64

Sunday 26th March 2017

I hate it that the clocks go forward.
Not only do you have to change all your clocks (although with the advent of internet connectivity that is quickly becoming a thing of the past) but when you are working on The Climb at 2am knowing you have to be out the door at 9am, it suddenly becomes 3am and the prospect of getting some semblance of sleep gets less likely.
It’s been a busy day today.  I’ve made good use of the fact that I wasn’t on call to take advantage of the weather.
A very tired me rushed out the door this morning to head to sparring.  A lot of the regulars missed it this week because it was mother’s day.  But even though I was a couple of miles down the road, as I had recently been ill and we didn’t want to give my dad anything, my mother and I decided it best if I didn’t visit.  I did send her a card and ring her up though.
I got in a few great bouts and videoed them as well.  I’m really starting to become more agile when I fight and whilst I’ve still not mastered it, it does seem to be working for me when I do pull it off.
There was also some discussion about me possibly instructing at events outside the school which is exciting.  I’m enjoying teaching but I wouldn’t want to represent the school until I was deemed good enough.
I stopped off in Reading on the way home to fill up and check out Sports Direct for some new bargain baseball caps.  I’m starting to become obsessed with not wearing the same cap too often since starting The Climb.  I also stopped by Currys near home and checked out possible vlogging cameras.  I think I’ve found one (Canon EOS M5) but it’s a little outside my price range right now.
I did find a bargain though.  In Staples (which is now Office Depot) they had a Beats Pill reduced to £60.  I really love my Beats headphones and have wanted a Bluetooth speaker with some decent wattage, so I picked it up.  That definitively pushes the camera purchase into the further future.
It’s been a glorious weather all day and so I decided that I would be brave and mow the garden for the first time this year.  I love that I have a big garden.  That is until I come to mowing it and it’s like hacking through the Amazon.  My poor little mower nearly dies every time.
However, it was easier today and I did it a lot faster than I thought.  I even got time to get some of my big weapons out and swing them around (although be warned that two handed mace against brambles just results in flinging the brambles round your neck.  Ouch!)
I think it must have been because we did not go to the pub after sparring this week (with Mother’s Day, the chance of getting a table would be worse than normal) but by the time I put the mower away it was only 5:30pm.  A load of time to chill and to write, I thought.
But somehow, time then decided to speed up.
I had a load of School of the Sword blog posts to publish / schedule including some image prep so I did that.
I also created a new cover and profile image for my official author Facebook page.  It’s based on an idea that Mark discussed last night (although his idea blurred the background to make me stand out)
And while I was in Photoshop I also created the image for this issue of The Climb.
Yesterday, Mark suggested I check out a documentary on Tim Minchin.  It’s called Rock n Roll Nerd and it follows him as he goes from an unknown through to the West End.  Mark suggested it to me as he thought it was like what I was doing with The Climb.
It was actually a really good recommendation and I could see so many parallels with my own career:  those tiny moments of self-doubt, the dogged determination, the disbelief when things start blowing up.  I really enjoyed it and it was the perfect recommendation.
But by the time all those things were done it was somehow gone midnight, and my sleep deprived body was really feeling it.
I’ve been thinking about this next chapter for the last couple of days in-between everything.  For future reference, the hero must exhort money out of a flesh palace (my world’s idea of a knocking shop).  There’s a secondary character there I really want to develop, as well as another character I want to have a scene with to set them up for the future.  As the first character needs intimacy that the second character would break, I can’t do it in a single scene so I wondering how to tie this chapter together both thematically as well as working out the logistics of how the hero goes from point A to point B
I had decided that I would at least write the scene with the first character tonight but time was against me and as a result it was 1am before I could even start.  Given the loss of an hour and how shattered I feel after sparring and tackling the garden I made the decision to go to bed.
I’m a little annoyed with myself to be honest.  I keep saying that all the social media stuff is fine so long as it doesn’t take priority over the writing and today it did.  Whilst a weekend break isn’t a bad thing (and sometimes needed) I had opportunity to write today and didn’t take it.
I’m a little hard on myself on things like this.  I keep reminding myself that this is the difficult second novel and I’ve had a lot of things that would derail lesser writers but I still feel I’m being very slow on this draft.
Next week I need to do some serious word count to move this project forward.

If you want to follow more of my journey, then be sure to check me on my social channels.  Likewise, if you’d like me to expand on any point mentioned above, please say so in the comments.

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