Monday 20th March 2017

If I were a horse, I’m sure they would have turned me into glue by now.
Woke up with my stomach still as bad as yesterday.  Luckily, the medication I picked up yesterday went a little way to easing the symptoms but I still felt a bit crap all day.
Add to this the fact that I somehow slept crooked and my hip and back were killing me.  I guess this is what old age will feel like.
Surprisingly, given how rubbish I felt I managed to get a lot done at the day job today, dealing with an ongoing project, a customer query and some patching work.  I watched YouTube videos as I worked which is probably why I got a load of work done as the day flew past.
I had a new cap turn up in the post.  I ordered this one from the states and I thought it might have got lost given how long it seemed to be taking.  I got into wearing baseball caps a year ago, and when I went to the US chasing last year I bought a load.  I always try and mix up the cap I wear each day but the selfie I take for The Climb has turned this into a bit of an obsession.  As a result, I’ve found myself buying a few more caps to add to the collection.
I was involved in a number of discussions on Facebook this afternoon which whilst on completely different subject highlighted a common theme to me.
So many people are concerned about people doing it “wrong”.  They’ll either make a viewpoint that doesn’t consider the fact that people may have considered this in the past and have good reasons for their actions / lack of action.  Or worse, they’ll actively bitch about someone doing something different, usually posted with the prefix “Do you think it’s right that…”
I know it sounds a bit harsh, but I have so little time for those conversations other than to post a counter view.  Who gives a shit what other people are doing?  It’s so easy to criticise without knowing all the facts.
I hate the mentality that people feel the need to get people to gang up against anyone who defies the norm.  I hate it when it turns into this big long debate about nothing other than making the target justify themselves.
I don’t care what other people do.  As a writer, if someone is taking a different tactic to me to progress their career, who am I to judge?  I have a finite amount of mental energy and I spend it selfishly.
That means I tend to stay out of the SFF drama d’jour.  I’d rather spend that time writing.
I was asked to transport a lot of swordfighting equipment this evening.  I had been debating whether to go training given my stomach but I did miss last week and this kinda forced my hand (in a good way).  I stayed out of the Bucklerball warm up simply because having my stomach jiggling around did not seem like a good move.  I found I was slow in training and everything ached, but there were some good techniques taught that I intend to put to good use when I feel better.
I had planned to go straight home after training given how I was feeling.  I even loaded up the swords I was supposed to be transporting beforehand so I could pretty much leave directly at the end.
I got a mile down the road before being told there was another bag of swords I was supposed to take (despite me saying I’d been told there was a bag I needed to take and being told in reply that no there wasn’t).  So I ended up popping to the pub by which time the bag had been lost only to then be discovered in someone else’s car.  I had a lime and soda but it took all my willpower not to have a crisp or two.
My stomach is still hurting this evening but I’ve cut out most of the things I know can gently aggravate it so I’m hoping that by tomorrow I’ll feel a bit brighter.  I’m wondering if this cold that I’m in the tail end of, is playing some part in this because I’ve not had my stomach this bad in a very long time.  I have been trying to add small amounts of bad food into it these past couple of weeks, so there’s a chance that all the artificial sweeteners and dairy products are what’s kicked it off.  Or it could be that there was something wrong with that Pizza on Saturday night.
Whichever it is, I hope it passes soon.  I feel like I’ve been nothing but ill since I started The Climb.
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