Sunday 19th March 2017

I should have known that going out last night was a bad idea.  Today my stomach has probably been the worst it’s been in ages and I’m putting it down to not letting it fully recover from last week before feeding it a ton of carbs in the pub last night.  Worst of all, as I was driving, I wasn’t even drinking.
As a result, it’s been all I could do to keep myself out of bed all day.
I spent the morning editing yesterday’s The Climb and getting that posted.  I find having a sleep between writing and editing gives me just enough distance to be able to edit it subjectively.
I also did some more work for School of the Sword, working my way through the backlog of images and posts that got held up with the theme issue.
I skipped breakfast and had a brunch instead.  I should have enjoyed it but it just set my stomach off even more.
So for much of the rest of the day, I’ve just tried to take it easy and not upset my stomach any more (not that it was possible).
I was suggested a couple of things last week to try if I had another flair up so I dragged myself into town.  I decided that going to the gym today wasn’t going to happen simply because the act of running would probably be a bad idea.  So I went in, got medicine and then came home.  I didn’t even stop in Morrison’s to pick up a white chocolate milk.  That’s how ill I was feeling!
I even had to stop a couple of times on the walk home to let the cramps subside.  I was actually very glad when I got back home.
Getting a bit bored with watching tonnes of YouTube I decided to play a bit more Star Wars The Old Republic.  I did that for about 90 minutes whilst I waited for the medicine to hopefully take effect.
Preparing the evening meal, I got a couple of calls from friends.  A really good friend of mine is in hospital having a major operation tomorrow so I had a chat with him and wished him well.  By the time I finally got to sit down to eat it was gone 9pm.
I watched more Youtube as I waited for my stomach to settle again and then did a bit of writing.  I’m still on the same chapter and it’s still crappy.  I would have liked to have got it finished tonight but I just wasn’t up to it.  But at least I made progress.
I’ve now written over 100,000 words so far this year.  To put that in context, in 2015 I passed that milestone by 4th February, and by 19th March I was up to 205,000 so you can see why I’m feeling so unproductive.
Still, 100,000 words is better than nothing I suppose. 200,000 would still be better though!
My plan for tomorrow is to drink a load of water as I’m sure I’m not drinking anywhere near enough at the moment due to feeling ill.
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