Friday 10th March 2017

Today I am evidence that lightning does strike twice.
You may remember, last week, my incredible bargain of picking up a brand new pair of Beats headphones for just £30.   I’d thought at the time there must be some mistake but bought them anyway because I could afford to lose £30.  But there was no mistake and I’ve been using them all week happy that I saved myself some £150.
A lot of people have commented on my bargain and a few asked if there were any more on sale.  I said no.
But I went back to Tesco today and decided to have a look at the electronic bargains table.  They had a nice little Bluetooth pocket speaker for £3 that I picked up.  I use one in the kitchen for streaming audiobooks and short stories from my phone while I cook and could do with another elsewhere.
It was as I was trying to find out the wattage of this £3 speaker that a manager came over and asked if I was interested in a £23 soundbar.  Since I do not have a TV (I watch everything on my computer) I said I was not.
“What about some headphones?” he asks, holding up the same model as I purchased last week.
“Oh, I might be interested in those,” I reply with an entirely straight face.
Horror of horrors, these were dearer than my pair.  Yep, £40 for a pair rather than the £30.  But seeing as people are selling second hand for £140, still a considerable bargain.  I figured that even if some people who said they were interested proved not to be enthusiastic about the £10 price rise, I could still flog them on ebay for at least £100.  However, the first friend I text to ask, came back right away.
I did circle back round after getting my shopping in case they’d put another pair out, but I think 3 pairs would be really trying my luck.
However, I am now declaring myself King of Headphones.
I had a work meeting today.  I thought it could prove troublesome but it wasn’t so I was thankful for that.  But I think the anticipation meant that it wiped me out for the rest of the day.  My stomach has been playing up but I found myself getting to 10pm without having really achieved much writing work today.
I did do a couple of bits though.
I typed up the minutes of last night’s Cake Club meeting and put them up online for the group.  I also plotted out the next chapter of the novel.  But after that I felt shattered.
It’s funny, but I have a very hard time being able to judge my own energy levels.  Come this evening all I wanted to do was have an hour kip, and I remembered how I would always do that around 5pm around the time of Leggedon.  I can look at my muscle mass or my weight or even my leg and see the improvement I’ve made over the last 4 years… but when it comes to energy… I have no measure by which to compare then with now.
One thing I am sure of is that the nutrition has really, really helped.  I’m pretty sure that my stomach is flaring up a lot less than it did a year ago  (when it seemed to be all the time).
But I can’t be 100% sure and that’s frustrating.
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