Saturday 25th February 2017

I’m not really a great drinker any more.
I’d go out and get pissed with my mates when I was in my 20’s but as I’ve got older, and especially in the last year when I’ve been eating and drinking healthy, I probably have a drink once a month.
Friday night… I seem to have made up for it.  I say seem to, as I appear to have ‘lost’ the whiskey bottle that was the evening’s one and only culprit.  I swear it was on the kitchen side and still had a lot left when I eventually went to bed.  However, that said, I remember going to bed a lot earlier than messages on my phone are timestamped… so I think the evening may be more hazy than I remember.
Given the recent medical revelations, work stress and being in the middle of a book, I’m actually not surprised at the blow out.  Also going over my texts and social media there seems to be no major faux pas on my part during all of this, so no harm done other than lacking energy today.
All things considered… I didn’t feel too bad come this morning.  No real hangover, other than that feeling that you really shouldn’t be driving any time soon.  I stayed in bed until midday but didn’t seem to be able to get any extra sleep.  Given the time of the messages on my phone, even if I had slept until midday I don’t think I would have got a full night’s sleep.  Given that I have training tomorrow and have to be up early, I suspect I will be dead come Monday.
As a result, plans for the day got pushed back and back and back.  Probably for the best all things considered.  Whilst I didn’t have a hangover, I felt lethargic and the thought of cooking a Saturday brunch just seemed like too much effort.
I gave up caffeine last year and felt better for it, but have found that I sometimes need it to help me write.  So when I did heavy edits I went back onto it, largely came off it again in December and now I’m writing again seem to be back on it.  Frankly, given how run down I felt today from a combination of alcohol, sleep deprivation and work day stress I’m not going to stress over the can of monster I had.
It allowed me to get some more words done in this new chapter, which I’m quite pleased about as this is about the only thing I accomplished.
I went out this evening to be sociable and despite having a great time, never got home until 2am.  As I hadn’t eaten anything all day other than a bowl of porridge, I finished off the cake Nick & I picked up on Thursday.  Given that I need to be up early and already feel shattered, I am going to feel this tomorrow.
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