Friday 24th February 2017

Today the day job robbed me of my mental energy.
I spent most of Friday in the day job doing some training with Microsoft.  It was a great, intense 1-on-1 session but I need to write up the notes to ensure the training goes in and I can share the knowledge with the rest of the team.
I was mentally shattered at the end of it.  My concentration levels haven’t been great this week because of my stomach playing up from the stress of last week.  So to have this at the end of the week, pretty much wiped me out.
It meant that some of my admin was late today (such as posting The Climb and my daily Instagram).  As a result, I felt like I was chasing my tail at the end of the week.
I know every writer dreams of being able to write full time, and for me that’s closer to reality than most (I still reckon even everything going perfectly, I’m still some years off), but the real benefit as I see it would be that I would be able to put all my mental energy into writing.
When I’ve taken a couple of weeks off the day job to purely work on rewrites, I’ve never worked harder, been more productive or been happier.  I’ve noticed that with a change of boss and heavier workload and more work stress, my productivity has decreased and that really, really annoys me some times, as I feel the day job steals from the writing some times.
So I spent the evening, not getting a lot of writing done (Well by my standards anyway… I’ve done over 60,000 words in the last month) and just trying to recharge.  I don’t often drink (maybe once a month or so) but I ended up drinking way too much Fireball whiskey.  I reckon I’m probably going to have a lazy day tomorrow… and a hangover.
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