Whilst my toy reporting days are now over, my one involvement each year is by being one of the industry judges for The Poppies.  It’s great fun being able to look at the nominations and, on an  entirely subjective basis, decide which ones are ‘best’.
Hosted by ‘Captain Toy’, Michael Crawford, the Poppies come in three varieties – those decided on by Michael himself, those decided by public vote, and (the category I’m in) those decided by a panel of industry judges.  I like this format as it covers all bases and it’s very interesting to see where the industry agrees and disagrees with the public.
The 2016 winners have now been announced across all three categories and I have to say I’m very pleased and interested by the results.  It was good to see some of my personal favourites, such as the Boss Fight Studios Virtuvian HACKS and their Medusa figure, do well against tough competition.  Seriously, if you can, pick up that Medusa action figure!
Congratulations to all the winners, all were incredibly worthy.  Please check out their product.  Thanks to Michael for once again asking me to be on the panel
You can see all the results HERE