Wednesday 8th February 2017

After the rollercoaster of the start of this week, today was quite an ordinary day.  Quite quiet as well (although I’m not complaining)
I’m still in a bit of a weird mood and it wasn’t helped by various things eating into my day and writing time.
I made up for it a little by thinking about the upcoming chapter.  I’ve got a really strong idea for the female character in this scene, but as I’ve previously mentioned, I worry she’ll end up too similar to the character I have planned to play a major part in book 3.  So I’ve been thinking how I can differentiate between the two by imagining the pair of them in a room together and working out what they’d disagree over.
The day job has been super busy today.  I think I was working on 3 things at once darting from keyboard to keyboard.  I know when I’m starting to feel stressed as I start thinking about actions for work outside of work time.  And I had that happen today.  I’m going to start pushing back on the jobs coming my way.
Then tonight I taught swordfighting.  We started a new block of teaching where we’re going over all the various guards you have with sword & buckler and what ‘moves’ you can perform.  We started on the first of 10 guards and only got through 2 of the ‘moves’.  But the students seemed to enjoy it and I feel it’s really insightful even for someone with my level of experience.
I’d hoped to get some more writing done when I got back, but a diversion due to roadworks meant that I got back so late that it never happened. However, I have a free evening tomorrow so plan to salvage some of this week with some word count.
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