Tuesday 7th February 2017

My emotional rollercoaster of a week continues with the news today that I now officially have a world-ranking for swordfighting.
I’ve known for a while that it was coming and whilst I don’t rank particularly high, I only really started competing last year.  But, I’d like to think that 12-year-old me would be amused if he found out that his future-self held a world-ranking in a sport.
Of course, that’s going on my bio ASAP.  It would be kinda cool that if my legacy to the future was that I was a bit of a badass (“He wrote great books, but the guy was also a world-class fencer, drove into tornadoes, had half his leg blow out and walked 30 miles with a 6” hole in his shin”).  Ah, we can dream of the legacy we want to leave behind!
I’m still in a bit of a weird mood from yesterday, but I’m equally annoyed that I didn’t get any work done on the novel.  I managed to finish off my chapter this evening and whilst the net gain was only around 1000 words, I replaced a lot of the existing text so the true number is probably at least double that.
This torture scene has been a bit of a slog, but I think with a bit more polish in subsequent drafts there’s going to be some really great character dynamics that’ll really make it pop off the page.  Tomorrow, I move onto a society scene which has such a totally different vibe (deliberately) it’s almost going to feel like writing a different novel.
I’m feeling knackered today, despite an energy drink upon returning from the gym.  A combination of Sunday’s tournament, Monday’s training and shoulder presses today mean I can hardly lift my arm above my head.  Hope it eases up by tomorrow as I’m teaching cuts and counters from high guards.  I did a bit of research on that tonight as it always helps to know what you are teaching.
I’ve had a few ideas today how to cross promote my social channels using a snapchat filter so I plan on doing that.  My Instagram game is still strong though, so pleased how it’s going, although there’s still a lot to be done.  With the news that more and more authors are having to hold down day jobs because writing doesn’t pay enough to live off, the more I think the concept of the “author as a brand” is vital to anyone trying to make it as a world-class author in 2017.
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