Saturday 4th February 2017

Today I started a cult whilst in the gym.
Well not an actual cult… but a fictional one that will fit well into the novel.  As I was there pounding away on the treadmill I came up with the idea and saw loads of ways it could connect into not only this book but future books I have rough plans for.
I love being a writer.  I can make shit up anywhere.
Take this morning, for example.  I had a little lay in because I’ve got a swordfighting tournament tomorrow and have to be up early.  And whilst laying there… what happened?  Why, I only solved my issue with this torture scene.  If you’ve been following the last couple of days you will have read about the issue:  the torture scene I have needs two “red shirts”, I now have one (yeah I know, how careless!).  But I also worry that whilst I want the scene to be shocking I don’t really think it’s giving any real character development.
And what’s the solution?  The solution is to soften the torture scene to an experiment, have it go a bit horrific, have one villain complain about it, but then have it pointed out that their recent recovery was due to elements of the same experiment.  I know, I know, I’m vagueblogging (or perhaps we should call it VagueClimbing), but trust me when I say that in 2-3 years when you read this book (cos that’s totally going to happen!  Honest!) you’ll know exactly what scene I’m talking about.
I think is one of the things that could be really interesting about The Climb… where you see how I actually go about writing… see me worrying about one thing one day, and then come to a conclusion the next.  And come publication of books and stories I mention on here, these will act as “Bluray Extras” or “Director’s Commentary”.
As you can imagine, I was pretty pumped at having such a productive day before I’d even come to write.
The day’s been pretty busy.  Got up, did housework whilst making myself a big brunch.  Then just before midday I headed into town to meet up with some local writers.  It’s good to hear what they are up to and just talk about the craft of writing.  From there I went and got a haircut, then to H&M to get some sweatshirts (because going from a XXL to a M in the last year means I have little winter weather gear).  And finally I went to the gym where I did about an hour of cardio.  I could have probably pushed it a bit more but I didn’t want to knacker myself out before the tournament tomorrow.
I had a big ass meal this evening.  I’ve still not perfected my pre-tournament eating regime so I experimented tonight with a big meal made of a lot of vegetables.  We’ll see how that goes.
Then this evening, I did a lot of writing.  Aside from writing up The Climb, I also wrote and posted a monthly Year of the Offensive update.  I figure this will be useful for people who don’t want to read The Climb or read a summary of the month but going forward I probably have to find a way to make them distinct from each other.
Finally, I worked on the scene in the novel.  I had to go back and change some of the dynamics earlier in the chapter but I was happy that I didn’t have to go back further and add in another red shirt.  As a result, there was a lot of editing, taking things out to replace with other things (mainly dialogue).  It was slow going but given how fiddly it was and that I was taking words away as well as adding them, my net gain of about 350 words doesn’t really show how much work I put in.
Most importantly, I’m really loving what’s happening on the page.  I can probably tighten it up a lot but that’s a job for the next draft.  I’m just really, really loving that with this book there’s a lot of antagonists, each of whom are an antagonist of the others.  It’s making for a really interesting dynamic on the page and I think as a reader it’s interesting to be this far into the story and wonder just who the main antagonist is?
I worked until about 1am but needed to get to bed ahead of my tournament.  I started getting a little pumped for it yesterday in the gym but I think I’m mentally setting myself up for disappointment given lack of training.  I’ve got to change that around.  Fuckers are going down!!!
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