Friday 3rd February 2017

Today has been a thinking day.
I’ve not got a lot of writing done because I’m aware that there’s something wrong with this scene I’m at.  As I mentioned yesterday, there was originally this big horrific scene involving two “red shirts”.  The recent draft has dropped that down to one and I either need to completely change the scene or got back and add Red Shirt #2 back in.
However, thinking about it all day today… there’s something wrong with the character motivation.  I know why I want him to do the thing he does, but I don’t think it’s the right thing.  However, what the right thing is?  I have no idea currently.
This is a part of writing I love, when I’ll just stop and mull over a problem.  This is ideal for long journeys or walks into town when I can just put some music on and let my mind wander.  I’ve not been able to do that today but I have made progress with it and believe the issue is with the character.
I actually made a point of taking time out to watch Suicide Squad tonight.  I was interested in the dynamic between villains and how they did it.  The film was OK but I don’t think they came up with any interesting dynamics.
This is a thing I’m finding more regularly now.  I’ll watch a film and come away feeling dissatisfied with the writing.  I think it’s because I’m a better storyteller now.  But even the worst films can have the odd gem that sparks a thought that leads me to coming up with something awesome.  I’d hoped Suicide Squad would have given me some way forward with my issue, but it didn’t.
The day job was quite busy today, and by the time the day was done and I’d done grocery shopping, and cooked, and watched a movie, there wasn’t a whole lot of time left.  This is the most frustrating thing recently.  Time seems really against me and it only takes one small thing to throw my entire day out.
I’m also pretty annoyed as I was going to go to the gym this evening … and I never did.  I WILL go tomorrow as I want to go into town to get a haircut  and stop in to see a bunch of local writers.  Hopefully the walk into town will give me some insight into my character issue.
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