Thursday 26th January 2017

After the craziness of the start of this week, today has been a lot more relaxed.  I worked from home all day which meant that other than popping across the road to get some salad I didn’t leave the house.
Sometimes I like that, shutting myself away from people.  I like my own company and can manage it for a couple of days before I need to go out and socialise.  Then I’m hyper and slightly extrovert for an afternoon or evening before wanting to crawl back to the world of being an introvert again.
I could probably do with a good night’s sleep.  I think the late nights have meant I’ve been averaging about 5.5 – 6 hours most of this week when my body really needs about 7.  I have an early start tomorrow so I’m already planning to have a chill day on Saturday.
Did have a good discussion with two other writers today on marketing, sharing the work I’ve been doing on platforms like Instagram and what I’ve found to work.  In return I got some info on Tumblr and Pinterest.  A really good session where we all contributed loads.  I like how we’re all on the same page of what needs to be done and I look forward to seeing how they go about executing it.
As I said today, “It’s not about being perfect it’s about learning and perfecting.”
I got an Instagram post up and yesterday’s edition of The Climb up but I wasn’t so active on Snapchat or in Instagram Stories.  I’m trying different things with my Instagram at the moment to see what gets a response and what doesn’t.  I’m quite enjoying spending the time thinking of what to put up for my post for that day.  Tomorrow I’m going to experiment with posting a bit later and see how that affects things.
Finally managed to get some work done after spending a lot of the day procrastinating.  I think my brain is just a bit knackered from yesterday and so all it wanted to do was watch Youtube videos.  I tried to justify it to myself that they were marketing videos I was watching, but no… it was procrastinating.
On the plus side, when I did finally get round to working on the novel I did manage to get a massive 5000 words done.  It’s a chapter that didn’t need rewriting so it was more editing rather than writing, but whichever, the book is 5000 more words along
And I did find this line in the chapter which really summed up my evening

“Poppycock,” Mrs Munson replies.  “It’s all about hard work and not faffing around.”

The early start tomorrow means a relatively early night for myself.  I’m thinking the next chapter needs a complete rewrite so it could be nose to the grindstone over the weekend to get through that.
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