Wednesday 25th January 2017

I said yesterday that Wednesday would be a busy day.  I under-estimated just how much.
The morning was taken up by a hospital check up.  I had a biopsy done 3 months ago and today I went back for the results.  What I thought would be a routine update turned into a mini-medical emergency involving several senior consultants, a number of specialist and a chain of emergency tests and exams.  “Nothing life threatening,” as the senior consultant put it, but basically the results were a bit surprising and so they need to take the results of further tests to a panel of doctors.  Mutant powers finally discovered!
I remained good natured about it, but in many ways it was a stressful morning because it came out of the blue.  This wasn’t helped later as I tried to google what I thought the senior consultant had told me they had diagnosed only to find a condition that had a decent chance of mortality.  I know, I know, never google medical advice on the internet, especially if you’re not sure of the name and the condition you found might have been it.
I’m not going to die, I’m pretty sure I just googled the wrong condition.  Heck, to paraphrase Jesse Ventura said in the 80’s movie Predator, “I ain’t got time to bleed, let alone die.”
But it still put me in a funny mood for the day and meant afternoon day job activity got pushed back as I was whisked from appointment to appointment.  I think, my biggest annoyance was the fact that I wasn’t going to get much writing done today.  However, I had an hour wait for blood tests so I loaded up Scrivener on the iPhone and started editing the novel.
Look, Scrivener on iPhone is never going to beat it on a laptop or desktop but I really appreciated it today.  I loaded up the manuscript and slowly started going over a new chapter.  This one (currently) needs a heavy edit than a rewrite.  I didn’t get much done but at least I got some work done.  Better something than nothing.
A combination of an office visit and training took up the rest of the day, although I did find time to chat to a writer friend I’m helping about sharing some of my thoughts on the market with her tomorrow.
And again, I worked late into the night to get another 2200 words done on the novel.  My schedule means that writing at a set time every day is next to impossible.  But that said, I do believe that a draft of a novel needs to be done at a sprint, that momentum is important.  I can see loads I want to fix with this novel but I’m starting to see this tiered approach whereby on a first pass I’m just worried about issues that encompass several chapters.  On the next pass I’ll worry about stuff that concerns the chapter.  Maybe I’m finally starting to come up with some sort of process for editing.  That would be nice!
Anyways Thursday should be an easier day.
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