Day 7 saw us go to Wichita Mountains in Souther Oklahoma.  The weather has been scorching but there’s not enough moisture following last week’s storms to really kick things back off.  That will hopefully come early next week.
So instead we went to the top of Mount Scott – which seemed bigger than it really is – and drove around the parries looking for wildlife.  It appears that with my camera to my face and my GoPro on I can get really close to wildlife so I managed to get a few great shots.  It was also nice, after several days of hard travel, to do a few touristy things.
Lunch was at Meers, a restaurant that served drinks in jam jars.  Say what you like about the Us, but they can do a good burger.
In the evening we headed back to go to a BBQ at Reed Timmer’s house.  It was a great evening and we got to watch tornado videos so I was completely in my element.
Sadly we get to say goodbye to a few people today.  Tomorrow we take just one van to Nebraska.  I’m excited about adding another two states to my list of ones visited this trip but sad to see friends go.  The end of this amazing adventure seems near and whilst I have no complaints, I so want to see more before I leave.  I guess I just don’t want this amazing adventure to end.  It’s been incredible and I hope these last few days are an epic climax rather than a slow fade to black.  Still, how can you top Monday and Tuesday which must rate as some of the most intense and incredible nights of my life.
I need to write and sell a shit load of books so I can take 3 months off in spring and just chase.