After Day 1 was such an eventful day I was prepared and quite willing to accept that future days wouldn’t be able to live up to that first day.  I was wrong!
The day started off with discussion of yesterday’s intercept.  View seems to be that there were two tornadoes we saw, one either side of us.  The one to our left is confirmed as an EF-2 and was 0.75 miles wide.  It passed within a few hundred feet of us.
We then went to Tusccaloosa where we met up with the Dominators.  They look even more impressive in person and we rode in convoy with them for most of the day.  It was incredible, like an army going into war.  That was an amazing moment,and I have to tell you, I have storm chasing in my blood now. Fuck it, I’m learning all the meteorology, coming out to Oklahoma and gonna chase in a hire car.
We spent a lot of time around Rayleigh, MS, home to the world’s slowest drivers.  However, whilst the storm gave us a funnel cloud I don’t think it touched down.  We left Team Dominator and went to Hattiesburg for food (town that has stunk of old farts since 1935) and suffered the worst service ever.  Note to self: if the car park is empty, there is a reason.
We then decided to drive to Pensecola, Florida where storms were coming in off the coast.  However, the system decided to drop more that 27″ on the city and we found ourselves at midnight, 3 miles form the hotel with the road blocked by floodwaters in both directions.  Hence we slept overnight in the van.  Well some of us did, some of us stayed up and watched the lighting, jumping when one bolt landed a couple of hundred feet away.
Road opened in the morning and we headed to the hotel to check in just long enough to get a shower.  The storms last night were enough to upset the balance further north so instead we’ve headed along the Gulf Coast back to Mississippi.  We’re now going to take several days to get back to Oklahoma in time to see some small storms at the weekend.  In truth, our guides have all been troopers and they deserve a night off.  They are saying that the first night was a legendary chasing night.  But we’ve been spoilt and so I expect an easier couple of days for the next few days.  Which is cool, because I was mentally prepared for no tornadoes and just blue skies.  We’re already up to 4 tornadoes and a flash flood emergency.  Couldn’t really ask for much more.
Loving this so much!  I want to stay out here all season.