28th March 2014
So last night Tornado season really seemed to kick off.
There were some Tornado warned storms in Missouri and so as I was busy setting up the Mac to handle my geocaching for the trip, it was a perfect time to set up another piece of software called Radarscope
Radarscope is basically a weather radar programme that relays the sort of radar images you see on US news networks to my PC.  It’ll be handy as it’ll give me notifications of severe weather warnings and tornado watches.
So I watched a few chaser’s streams and followed along on Radarscope, trying to understand where they were heading to and why.  Only one tornado and typically, all the chasers seemed to be on the wrong storm, but man, one of the streams showed some awesome lightning.  It got me wondering about how I’m going to capture these storms once out there.  There are these things called lightning detectors that help capture those split-second bolts but they’re something like $200 and this trip has already cost me a small fortune.
I really need to focus on the photography in the next week and try and get out and start practising taking pictures.