I seem to spend my days eternally grumpy about one thing or another these days.  Maybe that’s down to age, or maybe that’s because of the leg.  Either way I do feel that recently I always seem to be moaning and upset about something.  And the latest is that I’m still banned from Geocaching for the foreseeable future.

As I’ve charted here, I’ve been making incredible progress with the leg.  it’s healing well… it’s just taking SOOO long.  I’ve been told to expect it to take at least 18 months but I’m starting to get really restless.  One of my big joys is geocaching, an activity that means going off the beaten track and diving into undergrowth.  Bruises and scratches are badges of pride.  However, because of the state of my leg, I’ve been unable to do any.  Understandable really, and for the most part I’ve not really been in the mood.
But I’ve built the leg up road walking over the last few months and over the last month I’m comfortably doing five miles.  But it’s the same five miles and I’m now bored of it.  I’d hoped that the doctor would let me start light geocaching again – nothing too heavy, maybe suggesting wearing shin pads to help protect the leg or something.
But when I saw him yesterday, he said no.  Everything is so scrambled down there that if I did scratch myself I’d have real issues healing and a really high risk of repeat infection.  So as a result caching is still off for the foreseeable future.
It’s a real blow and one that’s really got me down.  I had planned to do some caching this weekend and saw it as the start of me trying to climb back up the rankings, but no, and it’s left me as miserable as anything.
Of course I am going to follow my Doctor’s advice, and tell myself that it’s just while my leg heals.  I think it’s just that until now I’ve felt that I had a good handle of what I could and couldn’t do and wasn;t expecting the doctor’s response.  I know it’s not the end of the world.  It just feels like it right now