Plotting is taking a bit longer than I anticipated. I think my brain is naturally trying to put on the brakes. Ordinarily I would be writing by now and doing ‘extra’ plotting feels a bit weird. I was a bit worried at the start of the week that enthusiasm for the project seemed to be at a low and that it might be because this level of plotting kills it, but I think that it was just start of week blues or the heat as enthusiasm has increased since then.

I’ve started putting the plot into Scrivener. I’m just playing around with their corkboard tool at the moment, trying to establish what scenes I have and what’s missing. I’ve taken the notes from my notebook and transcribed them. That’s already got me asking questions about various character arcs.
However, two things are apparent from this exercise. First, there’s still a disjoint between the start and end of this novel. I have a placement card entitled ‘Stuff happens’ to denote this.
The second is that, given my usual chapter size, I’m coming in short. I really need to be around the 80-120k word mark, which means given an average chapter size of around 2000 words, around sixty chapters. The Four Realms (and indeed Thieving King) work on two main plot strands that join at the end. With a single POV I’ve worked hard for chapters to work on multiple plot strands at the same time. Not something I’ve done before but it might means average chapter size gets pushed up.
Even so, I’m still coming in way under 80,000 words. There’s some minor frustration with this but I suspect the reason is because my brain is subconsciously working to The Four Realms size where there are two protagonists.
However, those character arcs that don’t seem to be going anywhere provide the answer of what I need to do. As a result, the next stage is to flesh those out and allow the story to grow, hopefully enough to not only put the book into comfortable book length parameters but also to allow it to fit with the end.
That’s the plan, anyway!