Not all my characters lend themselves to MMO characters. Just trying to think of the character classes that suit them is enough to make my head explode. But sometimes it’s a lot clearer than it is for others, and you think to yourself… I really ought to go and make that character now!

So there is a wonderful story (which I am embellishing here) about Jim Butcher, author of The Dresden Files. He once played City of Heroes with a character called Harry Dresden (or variant thereof). One day he goes to log on, only to find his account has been locked / temporarily suspended/ whatever for a naming violation. So he contacts support to find out what the problem is.
“The problem is, sir,” they say, “is that Harry Dresdan is a copyrighted character. You can’t have a character called Harry Dresden in the game because it violates someone’s copyright.”
“But I own the copyright,” Butcher replies. “And I totally give you permission to allow me to have a character called Harry Dresden in the game!”
I doubt Barnibus will ever become as iconic as Harry Dresden but I thought if anyone is going to grab the name, I should totally abuse my author-knowing privileges and do it before someone else does.
Barnibus is a pretty cool character from the second book and has quite a large part to play. He’s a ninja dwarf in the employ of one of New Salisbury’s most notorious criminals. Don’t let your initial humour at him cause you to let down your guard, because as Darwin finds out to his cost, he’s a pretty vicious individual. His only joy is his old Ford Cortina car, which he keeps immaculate and drives recklessly around town. I think readers will come to like him.
In terms of Warcraft, Barnibus is probably a monk (Maureen is probably a mage, Darwin possibly a warrior?). The only downside to this is that Barnibus does use a sword and I’m pretty sure that Warcraft monks cannot equip swords. But I’m willing to overlook that to see him do cool martial arts moves.
Of course, also being Alliance doesn’t help (I play Horde) so I have no idea when I’ll get time to level him. But at least he is there for when I need him. And he won’t be the only MMO character in the novel as both my alts and a lot of my fellow World of Warcraft guildees are getting cameos in book 2.