I am sure there are some high security inmates who have a better social life than myself right now, but I suspect that might be true of many writers.
So I was glad when I heard a good friend of 20+ years was in this part of the country on work and I, for once, wasn’t on out-of-hours call with the day job.

So I navigated the menu as if it was a game of Russian Roulette (thanks stupid medication), I told him about a few new secret writing projects, he told me about his family, we discussed consoles and getting older and nostalgia. He got to see the book beard which seemed very good at retaining BBQ sauce to be found at various points later in the evening.
Then we popped over the road to a pub and met up with Francis Knight, author of Rojan Dizon trilogy, where we discussed writing, MMOs, movies, spoilers and the general nothingness that is at the heart of the best of conversations, a potpourri of geek culture. It was great to catch up and have a natter.
Walking back to my friend’s hotel (and my car) I showed my friend the leg (to which he replied, “wow, it’s very black, isn’t it?”) and introduced him to Wallabee on his iPhone.
And then I drove the hour home listening to the new Man of Steel soundtrack and deciding just how much I liked it.