So where I’m moving too I can probably only fit in one bookcase. That means that a lot of my books need to go into storage. I’ve semi been planning for this eventuality and have been an ebook convert for years (an ebook library doesn’t take up any space!)
But this gives me a major dilemma. There’s something about a bookcase. I think it says a lot about the person. I always view people without bookcases with caution. But I’m unsure as to what books I should put in my new solitary one.
For example should I put my favourite books on the shelves as a statement of who I am? Should the books on display be purely ornamental? It’s not like I’m planning to do daily tours. Or instead, should I forego the Lynch, the Abercrombie and even the Pratchett for books that have been sitting there for years unread, keeping in mind that I converted to ebooks more than several years back and the physical unread books are likely to stay that?
And if the former, do I need to fill the entire bookcase when I have movies and video games that are also looking for space?
Enquiring minds want to know!