Gods continues to be an interesting process. If you’re not aware, this is the first book I’ve attempted to write where I’m discovering the story as I go. It’s a western fantasy with helicopters and spirit animals. There’s part of me that felt as if the ideas needed to ‘cook’ for another couple of years, but I have to say that the results so far have been interesting.
The book is going pretty well and most importantly, the voyage of discovery is entertaining me even when it takes me in directions I’d never previously thought of.

However I was reading some blogs this morning when I came to an interview by Joe Abercrombie. I enjoy his writing but I have a large number of his books that are still sitting in the “to be read” pile. It was whilst reading this interview that I saw one of his favourite games is Red Dead Redemption and that his next book is a Fantasy western called ‘Red Country’.
This caused me to do a mini ‘eek!’ For the most part, the vista of Gods is mountains and prairie, but I’m currently writing a section where we follow the hero as a child. And in this scene, we’re at the edge of a huge great RED desert, in a town that’s visual inspiration is, in part, inspired by Red Dead Redemption.
The genus of this idea goes back many years but I find it interesting how sometimes ideas can be reached independently. Indeed, I would say that this section is inspired by Iron Council more than anything else. But still it irks me, even though the town of Carrion Falls lasts no more than 30 or 40 pages.
I already feel that this section will need rewriting. The characters are a bit flat due to the discovery process of writing, and some of the western imagery is a little TOO cowboy. The town will change, there will be no saloon and the colour of the sands will most definitely change. It can all be fixed in editing.