You may remember me telling you that SciFiNow had published an article over on their blog on my memories of Star Wars? What? You don’t? Are you paying attention?
Anyways, my friend Matt informed me that part of it appears in the latest issue of the Magazine (#59 to be exact, the one with a Fringe front cover). Ever willing to feed my ego and see my own name in print, I went out and purchased a copy, and low and behold, not only is my name there, but it is in bold. Bold, I tell you! It never gets old, seeing your name in print.

Whilst I doubt it will be pinnacle of my literary achievements (that accolade goes to my letter to Battle Action Force comic when I was 12 asking who would win in a fight between Roadblock and Gung-Ho), it’s still worth picking up the magazine. Out in all good newsagents now!