So the novel has been “done” and I’m in that state of post-novel ennui thinking about what I should do next. Should I start on the second book in the series or write something totally different.
On one hand, if the book does get picked up, I’ll have about a year to get book 2 done. No more being able to take my time, it’s into a world of deadlines. On the other hand, if the novel doesn’t get picked up, what use is book 2?

I solicited some opinions on this. Mark Charan Newton, author of the amazing Legends of the Red Sun series of books, says he worked on something different so he was ready if the book didn’t sell (though he planned City of Ruin). Others suggest getting a head start while I possibly can.
I can see both arguments and I guess it’s a personal choice. There’s no right or wrong approach here, it depends on things that are now outside my control.
After a lot of thought (i.e. procrastination) I’ve decided that I’m going to push ahead with book 2. It’s filling my head right now (Thinking about the whole Orson Scott Card Hamlet debacle going on at the moment, I suddenly ‘realised’ that the nightclub in my fantasy city has a LGBT night on Thursdays called Diversity).
Book 2 was originally the second half of book 1 but was sufficiently different in tone to warrant splitting them apart. As a result, I’ve written a lot of it. However, I’ve come to realise that my process involves a lot of rewriting, especially on those early chapters.
So if you want a story about little old ladies on the run, Mountain mining towns, steam trains, zepplins, a demon who thinks he’s an east end gangster, turf wars, a paranoid wizard and sinister shenanigans, know that it’s being worked upon.
I just hope it proves to be the right choice.