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Lessons Learnt – Why I’m An Idiot This Month

So far this year I’ve been blogging very much about the things that have been going right.  I know some of my friends have become secretly a little sick about hearing about my insane word count.  But a lot of this is unsailed terrirtory for me and as a result I do make mistakes. And [...]

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The Year Of Hard Work – March Report

A quarter of the way through the year and things are going pretty well.  My aim was to get half a million words written this year and I’m already about half-way there. My YTD target for March was 225,000 with an outlier goal of quarter of a million.  Sadly I missed the quarter of a [...]

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The Year of Hard Work – February Report

So we’re already two months into the year.  It’s going fast, isn’t it? February was always going to be a big test for me.  January was about shooting out of the gate and getting a load written.  February was about polishing some things to completion and getting them submitted.  As much as I would like [...]

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