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Silver Medallist – The Climb #238

Saturday 16th September 2017 I had a very rough night last night.   By the time I went to bed, I was doubled up in pain with stomach cramps.  I seriously thought that if I didn’t improve overnight I was possibly going to have to drop out of the tournament today. I made a point of [...]

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Pre-Tournament Nerves – The Climb #237

Friday 15th September 2017 By the time you read this, I’ll be fighting, as I have a big tournament tomorrow. I’ve been in an odd mood about this tournament.  Whereas I’ve known about Astolat and Fightcamp all year, the tournament tomorrow has only come about in the last few weeks.  And after doing better than [...]

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Missing That Fire – The Climb #232

Sunday 10th September 2017 OK, I’m so ready for my writing vacation to be over.  I’ve been so bored this evening, not knowing what to do with myself.  At least some friends have been in the eyewall of Hurricane Irma so Facebook has been entertaining if nothing else. In less than a week I have [...]

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Fightcamp Round 2 – The Climb #204

Sunday 13th August 2017 I hurt.  I really, really hurt. My left elbow is starting to turn black after my semi-final fight on Friday, and my right forearm is equally swollen.  My right arm is also feeling the aches from constantly holding a sword. But it’s not just the injuries from fighting.  I feel boiled [...]

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The Fight Of My Life – The Climb #202

Friday 11th August 2017 Today has been a day of incredible mental and physical resilience. I'm at Fightcamp this weekend.  It's basically a weekend in a field with lots of people with lots of different weapons.  There are a load of seminars with some of the best instructors in the world, so if you want [...]

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Fightcamp – The Climb #201

Thursday 10th August 2017 I sometimes wonder if there's a need to take a day off before a competition like Fightcamp.  Yes, it's a 2+ hour drive but that's not impossible after a work day.  Plus, this year I'm staying in a hotel rather than camping. There's part of me that thinks I wasted today. [...]

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Getting To The New Normal – The Climb #186

Wednesday 26th July 2017 Things are slowly returning to normal after Astolat. It’s been such a big focus for me over the last few months – churning away in the background since Untournament – and now it’s over.  Naturally, my attention has turned to future tournaments and how I want to approach them.  There’s also [...]

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Broken – The Climb #184

Monday 24th July 2017 I feel exhausted.  I feel so exhausted that I have a tiredness that goes beyond just wanting to sleep and can be felt all the way to my bones. I’d thought about taking the night off training tonight given how exhausted I felt, but then Matt announced we were running a [...]

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Yesterday’s Victory Is Today’s Baseline – The Climb #183

Sunday 23rd July 2017 I slept fretfully last night, waking several times and having trouble getting back to sleep.  But upon getting up and having breakfast, despite it being stupidly early and thinking I’d not had enough hours sleep, I felt good. My first fight today was for the rapier & dagger quarter finals.  I [...]

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Quarter-Finalist – The Climb #182

Saturday 22nd July 2017 So bits of me ache and my knuckle is purple but day 1 of the Astolat tournament has taken place and I’m now back home trying to get sleep for an extremely early start tomorrow. I felt good this morning.  I felt focused as I had my breakfast and loaded up [...]

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