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Rotella Destroyer – The Climb #400

Sunday 25th February 2018 I had a late night last night.  I think it boiled down to not wanting to care so much about the result today.  People go to Fightcamp or other events and fight with massive hangovers where I will always get an early night and mentally prep.  I think I wanted an [...]

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The First Tournament of 2018 – The Climb #399

Saturday 24th February 2018 Today was my first swordfighting tournament this year.  It’s been a rough couple of months for my swordfighting.  I came away from my last tournament feeling defeated and ready for a break.  I was overwhelmed with swordfighting stuff from dues to websites and the net result was that I felt ready [...]

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A Job Rather Than A Hobby – The Climb #389

Wednesday 14th February 2018 I have a swordfighting tournament in 10 days, followed by one the following week.  I’ve paid, although I’ve not booked a hotel for the one in Bradford yet.  Which is just as well, as I have to ask myself if I can even compete. The finger is healing slowly, and it’s [...]

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I’m So Done With Tournaments – The Climb #322

Saturday 9th December 2017 I’m not going to lie, I’m actually glad that this was the last tournament this year. I’m not sure if it’s the pressure of tournament or that I’m not getting enough time to mentally and  physically recover, but as the tournament has gone on I’ve done progressively worse. The thing is, [...]

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Tournament Disaster! – The Climb #308

Saturday 25th November 2017 I’ve always known that my good fortune wasn’t going to last.  It’s not so much that I’ve been lucky as that my tournament success has been based on a number of factors, only some of which I can control. But look… Wessex Bath wasn’t dreadful.  It’s not the end of the [...]

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Bucklerthon – The Climb #301

Saturday 18th November 2017 To be honest, I went to support my students. I really wasn’t in the mood to fight today.  My thoughts were elsewhere, I was worried about taking another hit on my right thigh (which is still purple from Wessex Reading last month).  But for people I’ve trained for the best part [...]

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Returning Home With New Plans – The Climb #288

Sunday 5th November 2017 Today was the last day in Sweden as we return home to the UK. It’s been an amazing trip and I’ve come away really proud of myself and my accomplishments. Of course, the attention now turns to the year ahead and the work I need to do.  I’ve pretty much decided [...]

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Swordfish, The World Stage – The Climb #286

Friday 3rd November 2017 If you asked a load of fencers what the defacto world championship for swordfighting was, the vast majority would point to Swordfish.  Held each year in Gothenburg, the fact that it attracts so much of the world’s best talent means that it’s the competition everyone wants to win. I first went [...]

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Sleepy In Gothenburg – The Climb #285

Thursday 2nd November 2017 I normally don’t sleep before flights.  I always worry that I’ll somehow oversleep and then miss my flight.  As a result I will normally stay up the night before I travel, constantly checking my luggage and worrying about leaving some item or other. But I’ve been acutely aware of how much [...]

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Quarter-Finalist Again – The Climb #280

Saturday 28th October 2017 Today has been a weird day. It’s been a day where everything went right and yet I end the day feeling disappointed. I woke up feeling good.  My limbs didn’t ache, I felt rested.  My head was in probably the best place it had ever been:  excited for the tournament yet [...]

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