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Note Taking – The Climb #172

Wednesday 12th July 2017 For some reason I’ve been consumed by note taking today.  And not taking notes but the process of taking notes. I’m not sure if this is driven by a need to be more organised after the disruption of the last week or not but I realised that there must be a [...]

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Getting Back On The Horse – The Climb #171

Tuesday 11th July 2017 One of the outcomes from Leggedon was the need to be super organised.  I needed to take all manners of medication, ensure the leg got exercise, monitor and manage my food and a million other things.  On top of this, I had a broken novel that needed fixing, and so I [...]

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The Best Fencer Ever – The Climb #170

Monday 10th July 2017 I finally started to feel a bit like my old self today.  I still don’t believe I achieved a whole lot . Work was busy.  I’ve been working on a report, which means a lot of Excel work.  But on top of this, my source data isn’t being created properly so [...]

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The Worst Fencer Ever – The Climb #169

Sunday 9th July 2017 I fenced like crap today. I’d been tempted not to go, given my mood the last couple of days, but then I decided that in doing that, I’d just be defeating myself.  And so, despite my head being elsewhere, I went. I guess I fenced just about as well as I [...]

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Stuck Indoors – The Climb #168

Saturday 8th July 2017 I’ve been in a bit of a bad mood today. Aside from everything else that’s been going on over the last few days, I’ve been in a bit annoyed.  You see, it’s summer outside… the weather is fantastic.  I should be going to the beach and eating ice cream, especially given [...]

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Crossing Into Enemy Territory – The Climb #167

Friday 7th July 2017 I continued to keep away from people today.  Following Wednesday night’s panic attack, I’ve seen my low turn into anger.  Mainly because it could have been avoided.  I’ve got a pretty thick skin and people can be pretty blunt around me, but having a go at me when I’m in an [...]

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Self-Imposed Exile – The Climb #166

Thursday 6th July 2017 Today has been a bit of a down day. Following yesterday’s panic attack, I’ve been left a little flat and annoyed about a few things.  This has put me in a bit of a “fuck the world” mood which is never helpful and so I’ve kept away from people lest I [...]

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Deconstructing A Panic Attack – The Climb #165

Wednesday 5th July 2017 I suffered with anxiety for years.  It wouldn’t stop me doing things and I would later identify this as high-functioning anxiety.  It would mostly manifest itself in worries that would just build and build into massive panic attacks. I’m not sure when they first started.  It might have been when I [...]

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The Delicate Editing Of Chapter One – The Climb #164

Tuesday 4th July 2017 I’ve been doing some delicate editing today. The first couple of chapters are the real challenge in this edit.  I have to make some subtle changes to blow the protagonist’s agency through the roof.  It basically means that his plans have to be a little more solid. Of course, this means [...]

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High Hopes, Low Expectations – The Climb #163

Monday 3rd July 2017 I had an interesting conversation in the pub with an editor friend.  We were talking about our various projects and he asked me what was happening with Black As Knight. I explained that I was fully prepared that it might not sell but that I had a figure that I was [...]

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