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Running Late For Physio – The Climb #255

Tuesday 3rd October 2017 Today has been a very busy day.  I had to be up early to go back to physio… and of course, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I felt I gave myself enough time, but for some reason getting showered and dressed always takes me more time that I [...]

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Here We Go Again – The Climb #253

Sunday 1st October 2017 So my September break is now over and tonight I’ve dived back into book 2 to start work on the second draft. In many ways, this forced break has been a bit torturous.  Sometimes I think I need a stress to keep my mind off other stresses, and without a book [...]

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Making Plans – The Climb #245

Saturday 23rd September 2017 I had planned to have a busy day tidying the house.  Given all the tournaments and edits of recent weeks I actually had a day where I didn’t have to do anything. But despite doing nothing for 3 days earlier this week with my cold, it seemed my body just wanted [...]

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Desk Work – The Climb #244

Friday 22nd September 2017 Urgh!  I’ve only been back at the day job for 2 days and already the weekend couldn’t come quick enough.  I’ve decided that I have a new pet hate.  It’s when you get asked to do a job in a rush… because the information is needed urgently. There’s a large part [...]

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The Product Of Hard Work – The Climb #239

Sunday 17th September 2017 There was a time when I got excited about birthdays.  Now they just make me feel old. I’d not really planned to do anything for my birthday today.  I’d figured I would be knackered from yesterday’s tournament and would want a quiet one.  I was, however, determined to make it to [...]

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Method Writing – The Climb #235

Wednesday 13th September 2017 You’ve probably heard of method acting.  This is where an actor is so mentally invested in a role that even when not playing them they take on some of the characteristics.  It’s considered by many to be a very in-depth form of acting. I think I method write.  This occurred to [...]

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Time Is The Enemy – The Climb #230

Friday 8th September 2017 It’s tempting to think that whilst I’m sat here playing World of Warcraft and tracking friends who are chasing Hurricane Irma, that nothing is going on with the writing career. But the fact is that whilst I try and recharge, the manuscript is currently with my agent.  I got an update [...]

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May The Fourth Be With You – The Climb #103

Thursday 4th May 2017 Happy Star Wars Day everyone! I spent my day still feeling a bit glum and restless from the post-novel blues.  I can rationalise my petulance.    Having returned home late last night and then had to get up early for the day job meant that I was tired most of the day, [...]

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Milestones – The Climb #100

Monday 1st May 2017 By my calculations, I have written over 20,000 words this weekend.  That’s taking into account Friday’s drunken antics, Saturday’s social and Sunday’s sparring.  But at the end of it, in this the 100th edition of The Climb, I can finally say it: The first draft of book 2 is done! As [...]

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