The Process Stage 3: Serious Word Count

So last weekend I wrote 18,412 words on the novel. I also found time to go for a run twice, watch TV, write a 800 word blog post (pushing words written for weekend over 19,000), edit another article and start playing World of Warcraft again…  amongst other things. And you want to know the kicker?  [...]

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The Process: Stage 2 – Collecting Data

Back when I was going through leggedon I was swamped with things I needed to do. I had to remember to take drugs, exercise the leg, rest the leg, monitor what I was doing as well as what I was eating. At the time this felt completely overwhelming. I came close to breaking point on [...]

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The Process: Stage 1 – Getting Organised

So I’ve had a lot of questions about the process I’m now using to write and which I used to produce the first draft of Black As Knight. It’s quite complex and comprehensive so the plan has always been to blog about it as I move onto the final draft of Thieving King. There is [...]

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