The Process: Stage 1 – Getting Organised

So I’ve had a lot of questions about the process I’m now using to write and which I used to produce the first draft of Black As Knight. It’s quite complex and comprehensive so the plan has always been to blog about it as I move onto the final draft of Thieving King. There is [...]

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Becoming Sir Christopher Wren

As a writer I’ve always had the sort of relationship with process that if it were a Facebook status would read “it’s complicated”. You see, I honestly believe that any writer who doesn’t analyse what they do and try and understand with a view to improvement is never going to get anywhere. Arrogance is the [...]

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Misadventures In Discovery Writing

As some of you are aware, I’ve been writing my latest book using a discovery process. This is where you go into the project not knowing a whole lot about it, and find the plot and story as you write. I normally like to think on a book, let it ferment in my head for [...]

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