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Larry Hama Interview From 1998

I’ve written about my love for Larry Hama’s GI Joe comic series before (see HERE). As far as I’m concerned, Larry is one of the most influential writers to inspire me. Through his comic series, I learned how character drives plot, motivation and the power of great words. GI Joe is not what springs to most people’s mind when they think of great comics, but to me, it’s the greatest. Digging around on an old hard drive the other day, I came across this interview I did with him in July 1998. This was published on my old website to help promote the limited return of the toy line, but reading over this some 13 years later, I see a lot of it speaks about the craft of writing which I find fascinating in a way I did not back then. So I thought I’d share that interview with you. Enjoy! […]

October 9th, 2011|Comics, Toys|1 Comment

Cardboard Villains

Over at Sam Sykes’s blog today he talks about the new NBC superhero show, The Cape. I’ve not seen it but by all accounts, it’s bad. Sam spends a lot of time outlining what he sees wrong with the series, focusing on the cardboard villain. He goes into some detail why he thinks this is [...]

January 11th, 2011|Writing|1 Comment