In Which I Learn I Need To Ego Surf More

Any author that tells you that they don’t google their own name is probably lying. However, ego surfing can often turn up commentary and reviews of your work that you would otherwise be unaware of. I’ve been doing a bit of it, mainly through twitter searches and google alerts to find out about new reviews [...]

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Jetsam Audio Fiction Now Available

You may remember back in May, I told you about Dark Fiction Magazine picking up my short story, Jetsam, for their audio magazine. The story has just been released as part of their 13th issue read by Dave Probert and featuring some great art by Shock The Badger. And best of all... IT'S A FREE [...]

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Jetsam – The First Review

I've been busy these last few days trying to write a blog post about destiny. There's been quite a bit of really good discussion about it on Twitter this past week, but trying to collect and collate all my thoughts has proved to be a bigger job than I thought. So I'm aware I need [...]

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A New Addition To The Family

I woke this morning to something large coming through the letter box. I'll admit that my first thought was a DVD, but since I now buy blu-ray and haven't got any order outstanding, I'll put it down to the fog of sleep. What it turned out to be was something much more exciting: The first [...]

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Jetsam Artwork

January will see the delayed release of my short story, Jetsam, in the British Fantasy Society Journal. It was originally scheduled for the end of 2010 but printing delays means it won’t be reaching members until sometime this month. And it was whilst ego surfing (honestly I’m pretty pathetic, I only do it once every [...]

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