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In Which I Learn I Need To Ego Surf More

POSTED ON February 22nd, 2013  - POSTED IN Awards

Any author that tells you that they don’t google their own name is probably lying. However, ego surfing can often turn up commentary and reviews of your work that you would otherwise be unaware of. I’ve been doing a bit of it, mainly through twitter searches and google alerts to find out about new reviews of the novel. However, it was only yesterday that I turned up something I can’t believe I missed.

Jetsam Audio Fiction Now Available

POSTED ON November 3rd, 2012  - POSTED IN Featured, Writing

You may remember back in May, I told you about Dark Fiction Magazine picking up my short story, Jetsam, for their audio magazine. The story has just been released as part of their 13th issue read by Dave Probert and featuring some great art by Shock The Badger.

And best of all… IT’S A FREE DOWNLOAD!. So why not grab a few issues while you are there to add to your iPod and if you like what you hear consider donating to support the site.

Jetsam – The First Review

POSTED ON January 24th, 2011  - POSTED IN Publishing

I’ve been busy these last few days trying to write a blog post about destiny. There’s been quite a bit of really good discussion about it on Twitter this past week, but trying to collect and collate all my thoughts has proved to be a bigger job than I thought.

So I’m aware I need to make another blog post, to ensure the forward momentum of the site, but have nothing ready to post.
And then I see that someone has reviewed Jetsam, my story in the new BFS Journal.

Here’s what Weirdmonger had to say:

Jetsam by Adrian Faulkner
“There was no time for any final words.”
An effectively written and poignant variation on the theme of dying as paralleled by a visit of a family to the seaside. Its skill is such that it positively affected me today as my wife and I are currently involved with periodically visiting an elderly relative in her last days or weeks…. Thanks. (21 Jan 11)

My excitement is because this is my first fiction review, and the fact that it’s positive has made me beam all day.

I’m determined to enjoy it as I have visions of me in several years time with a few bad reviews under my belt, saying “things were so much easier back then.”

If anyone sees any other reviews, please let me know!

A New Addition To The Family

POSTED ON January 16th, 2011  - POSTED IN Publishing

I woke this morning to something large coming through the letter box. I’ll admit that my first thought was a DVD, but since I now buy blu-ray and haven’t got any order outstanding, I’ll put it down to the fog of sleep.

What it turned out to be was something much more exciting: The first volume of the British Fantasy Society Journal. Gone are the single paperback publications of Dark Horizons, New Horizons and Prism, replaced with one hardback volume that collects them together.

Now I’m especially excited about this and unless you’ve been ignoring my blog update, Facebook statuses and tweets you’ll know why. Yes, it features my short story ‘Jetsam’. It’s the first story in the book as well (which really means nothing as the book is filled with great writers)

The BFS publications have a very good pedigree so I’m extremely excited and proud to be part of that legacy. If you get to read the story, please do let me know what you think of it.

The story includes the artwork I mentioned earlier this month by Poppy Alexander. It looks brilliant in black and white next to the story but the colour version has added depths. If you’ve not seen it be sure to check it out on Poppy’s site.

The BFS Journal is only available to members of the British Fantasy Society. So if you want a copy, you’ve got to join. Full details can be found over at the BFS site.

Jetsam Artwork

POSTED ON January 2nd, 2011  - POSTED IN Publishing

January will see the delayed release of my short story, Jetsam, in the British Fantasy Society Journal. It was originally scheduled for the end of 2010 but printing delays means it won’t be reaching members until sometime this month.

And it was whilst ego surfing (honestly I’m pretty pathetic, I only do it once every six months), that I came across an illustration for it by Poppy Alexander. I think it’s brilliant. I love how on first glance it seems very monotone only for the purple to then draw the eye in and give it depth.

I have to say, it’s pretty weird and extremely cool to see someone create a piece of art based off of one of your stories. The fact that someone would go to the effort of commissioning artwork to go with a story I wrote is very humbling.

It also works as a validation. I think every writer feels like a fraud at one time or another, and if it’s possible, I feel more a writer than I did before. Stupid I know, you either write or you don’t. But it certainly impressed friends and family in a “Oh, other people seem to be taking him seriously, maybe we should too” kinda way.

Check out the illustration over at Poppy Alexander’s site