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New Article Live At GPSTracklog

My latest Geocaching article for GPStracklog has gone live, this month looking at how you can use your field notes together with GSAK to write and publish your logs super-fast. This will be of real benefit to Geocachers who've been looking to use the access publish logs feature in GSAK but never knew how [...]

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New Geocaching Article At GPSTrackLog

In between all the book promotion I've also been continuing to do my columns and my latest one is now out. Over at GPSTracklog my latest Geocaching column has gone live with a look at Field notes. It's surprising just how many cachers don't know about them so I go over the basics and the [...]

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New GPSTracklog Article Live

My latest article for GPSTracklog, 'Getting accurate coordinates for your geocache hides' is now live over on their site. Be sure to check it out and join what is likely to be a big discussion on getting your GPS co-ordinates as accurate as possible.

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Bringing Geocaching To GPS Tracklog

So now it can be revealed. I’m happy on several levels to be able to announce that I am going to be writing for GPS Tracklog on geocaching. I’m sure many of my geocaching friends will have come across the website before, but for those who haven’t (or don’t cache) GPS Tracklog is the premium [...]

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