New Geocaching Article At GPSTracklog This month over at GPSTracklog I'm taking a look at how you can create a Pocket Query along a route, handy for those who are planning a long power trail or want to cache whilst travelling.  It's quite a complicated process but hopefully this will make it a lot easier for some of you.  Be sure [...]

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New GPSTrackLog Article on Creating PQs With GSAK My latest geocaching article for GPSTrackLog looks at GSAK again this month.  This time I'll show you how you can use GSAK to create your Pocket Queries for you.  Be Sure to check it out!

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New Article On GPSTrackLog On Caching Abroad My latest article for GPSTrackLog is now live.  This time I talk about caching abroad and the challenges it causes.  There's some good tips there based on my experiences of geocaching in Oklahoma so if you are going on holiday soon and thinking of taking your GPS, be sure to check it out.

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New GPSTrackLog Article: Creating An Itinerary This article for GPSTracklog was published a few weeks ago whilst I was away in the USA.  In it, I show you how you can take your planned route, and using GSAK, turn it into an itinerary, so that you and your caching crew know at all times which cache you are heading to, and [...]

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Planning Geocaching Days Out At GPSTracklog

My latest article for GPSTrackLog has gone live and this month I'm showing you my method for putting together a day out caching.  I cover all the things to consider and the different tools I use to make sure the day out is a success, whether I plan to just do a handful or set [...]

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The Ultimate Geocaching GPSr Field Test

Whilst you were all recovering from your hangovers on a windy and rainy New Year's Day, myself and a couple of geocaching friends decided (for fun) to go out in the worst conditions possible and find over a hundred caches over 20 miles, wallowing in mud and wading up to our knees in floodwater along [...]

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New GPSTracklog Article On Trackables My latest Geocaching article for GPSTracklog has gone live today.  This month I provide an introduction to the world of trackables, covering a few of the basics and giving some handy tips.  Be sure to check it out!

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New GPSTracklog Article On EarthCaches My latest article for GPSTracklog went live over the Bank Holiday weekend.  This month I take a look at a special type of virtual geocache called the EarthCache that not only gives you another count in your total finds tally, but also teaches you something about geology in the process.  Please check it out.

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Article On Geocaching Alternatives Over At GPSTrackLog

This month over at GPSTracklog I take a look at some of the alternative listing sites for geocaching. I cover both versions of Opencaching, Navicaching and Terracaching and try and give a brief introduction to each and their major features and differences. Be sure to check it out over at

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New GPSTracklog Article On Wallabee

Due to the leg it's been difficult to get out and almost impossible to Geocache. However, in this article for GPSTracklog I talk about an iOS Location-based collectibles game I've been playing - Wallabee. It's a lot of fun and been a Godsend whilst I can only hobble round the block. Be sure to check [...]

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