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31 Days of Geocaching Downfall Meme This will probably make no sense to you unless you are a Geocacher and are aware of the current 31 days of Geocaching challenge running through August.  It uses the well-used meme of taking the scene of Hitler ranting from the brilliant film, Downfall, and changing the subtitles.  May not be everyone's taste (and [...]

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The Caching Trip That Never Happened

I’ve decided that I’m very much a country person.  Having been confined to pavement and tarmac these past few months has found me longing for the footpath, stile and corn field more than you can imagine. As I blogged about previously, my Doctor forbid me to go Geocaching.  This was a massive blow because I [...]

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New GPSTracklog Article On Wallabee

Due to the leg it's been difficult to get out and almost impossible to Geocache. However, in this article for GPSTracklog I talk about an iOS Location-based collectibles game I've been playing - Wallabee. It's a lot of fun and been a Godsend whilst I can only hobble round the block. Be sure to check [...]

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New Article Live At GPSTracklog

My latest Geocaching article for GPStracklog has gone live, this month looking at how you can use your field notes together with GSAK to write and publish your logs super-fast. This will be of real benefit to Geocachers who've been looking to use the access publish logs feature in GSAK but never knew how [...]

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Britain’s Most Remote Village

Anyone who has read the novel will know that I’m very interested in hidden parts of Wiltshire. The vampire D’Toeni is found in a tunnel system based loosely on the Burlington Nuclear Bunker, located over near Corsham. In that case, I’ve never been able to visit the location, basing my research on photos and articles. [...]

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New Geocaching Article At GPSTrackLog

In between all the book promotion I've also been continuing to do my columns and my latest one is now out. Over at GPSTracklog my latest Geocaching column has gone live with a look at Field notes. It's surprising just how many cachers don't know about them so I go over the basics and the [...]

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Caching Around West Cambridgeshire

As I’ve previously mentioned, the weekend saw me up in Cambridgeshire to visit friends for a board games evening. Sunday morning saw us rise and drift gently into the day, accompanied by a soundtrack of Sunday morning cartoons and Mythbusters. We all departed for our respective homes around Midday, but as it was such a [...]

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A Walk Along The River Chelmer

As many regulars will know, outside of writing one of my big passions is Geocaching – hunting the countryside for Tupperware contianiners.  What started out as an added incentive to go out for a walk has grown into a near-obsession, with over 9000 finds since I started ‘caching’ back in May 2008. Some caches are [...]

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