A Week In Birmingham

Over the years I have worked for a number of companies that say they offer training and then in reality never do.  So when the day job offered to send me to Birmingham for the week, I jumped at the chance.  Whereas for most people a week away, stuck in a hotel, sounds like hell, [...]

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31 Days of Geocaching Downfall Meme This will probably make no sense to you unless you are a Geocacher and are aware of the current 31 days of Geocaching challenge running through August.  It uses the well-used meme of taking the scene of Hitler ranting from the brilliant film, Downfall, and changing the subtitles.  May not be everyone's taste (and [...]

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The Caching Trip That Never Happened

I’ve decided that I’m very much a country person.  Having been confined to pavement and tarmac these past few months has found me longing for the footpath, stile and corn field more than you can imagine. As I blogged about previously, my Doctor forbid me to go Geocaching.  This was a massive blow because I [...]

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