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New Fantasy Faction Article: Attending Your First Convention

Over at Fantasy Faction I've recently had an article published regarding attending your first convention as an unpublished writer. If you have further ones, please be sure to add them to make this a really useful resource for unpublished writers. The prospect can be a little scary the first time so hopefully there's some good [...]

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New Fantasy Faction Article On Tropes

My latest article for Fantasy Faction has gone live today. This month I look at tropes, what they are, what's bad about them, what's good about them and the risk of using them. Personally, I'm quite pleased with how this one turned out, so I hope you'll all agree. Check it out HERE

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New Fantasy Faction Article: Consider Worldbuilding

My latest article for Fantasy Faction has been published and this month it is all about Worldbuilding. I love all these little things to consider when building a world. I could have filled three articles full of suggestions and even then I'm sure there are things I could learn. The article encourages participation to expand [...]

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