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Five Reasons To Cast Your Novel Article At Fantasy-Faction This month over at Fantasy-Faction, I'm giving you five reasons why, instead of creating characters from scratch, you should instead 'cast' the roles with actors and actresses.  From the comments it seems a lot of you are doing this already.  But if you are not there's some compelling reasons to try!

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New Article At Fantasy-Faction On Why Writing Is Like LEGO In this month's article for Fantasy-Faction I look at the links between writing and LEGO and explain why both are awesome. It's a fun article that seems to have gone down very well so please be sure to check it out!

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New Fantasy-Faction Article On Upping Your Word Count

My latest article has gone live over at Fantasy-Faction, looking at 10 ways to up your word count.  I was a little nervous about reaction to this article because I don't typically like putting myself into articles for the site. All I could imagine is a load of fellow writers shouting "just who does he [...]

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Article On New Year’s Resolutions At Fantasy-Faction

Over at Fantasy-Faction they've just published my article on New Year's resolutions for writers.  So if you're planning for 2014 to be your big writing year, it's not too late to check it out and pick up some tips for those last few resolutions.

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New Fantasy Faction Article: Surviving The NaNoWriMo Apocalypse It's quite possible that NaNoWriMo has sent me a little nuts, but then, seeing as I wrote this before NaNoWriMo started, I really have no excuse.  However, it was a ton of fun to write and hopefully it's a ton of fun to read whilst also being informative.  So be sure to check out [...]

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New Fantasy Faction Article: Using NaNoWriMo As Your Writing R&D Department

My latest article for Fantasy Faction has gone live today and this month it should be of interest for all of you thinking about taking part in NaNoWriMo this year.  I have five ways you can switch up your NaNoWriMo challenge and use it to develop and stretch your writing skills.  Be sure to check [...]

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Part 2 Of My Fantasy Faction Article On Writing Groups Continuing from my article last month, I look at another two writing groups, this time with the aid of writers Anne Lyle and Francis Knight.  Be sure to check it out when you get time.

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New Fantasy Faction Article On Writing Groups My latest article for Fantasy Faction went live last week and is the first in a two-parter looking at writing groups.  In this first part I chat to Laura Lam and Terry Jackman about their experiences and how writing groups are helpful to them.  Be sure to check it out

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