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Fantasy-Faction Article On Dropbox The latest in my monthly articles for Fantasy Faction went live a couple of weeks ago and due to Eastercon I forgot to update you all about it.  In my latest article, I look at Dropbox and how it can be used by writers as not only a backup solution but as a way [...]

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Sir Terry Pratchett Obituary This has been an incredibly difficult week.  First my father gets rushed into hospital terribly ill and then one of my favourite authors dies.  It's fair to say there's been quite a bit of emotion this week. However, I've been determined not to let it derail my writing (even if I've slowed down a [...]

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New Fantasy-Faction Article on Evernote Continuing my look at software for writers, this month over at Fantasy-Faction I take a look at the note-taking application, Evernote.  If you do a lot of research of amass a lot of notes, whether it be as a writer or elsewhere, it's worth checking out this software.

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Foxglove Summer Review Since becoming an author I don't tend to do book reviews but I'm a huge fan of Ben Aaronvitch's Peter Grant series and got the opportunity to review the latest book for Fantasy Faction.  Check it out and if you've not read any of the series, start with Rivers of London.  Brilliant series!

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Fantasy-Faction Wins Reddit Stabby Award

Once a month, I submit an article and it gets posted to Fantasy-Faction. There are loads of others who do likewise and a couple of people like Mark & Jennie who work their socks off for the site. Having run Action-Figure, I know just how much work goes into running a big site (and the [...]

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New Fantasy-Faction Article – 5 Reasons You Didn’t Fail NaNoWriMo At this time of year we hear so much about people completing NaNoWriMo.  It's all high-fives and bragging about your word count.  But what if you failed to hit 50,000 words?  In this article for Fantasy-Faction I talk about the reasons why NaNoWriMo has benefited you, even if you didn't hit the 50k target. [...]

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Fantasy-Faction Article On Collecting Writing Data The year seems to be in a hurry to end as I have calendar dates I think should be weeks off which I'm then told are later this week.  The last couple of months have been a blur and as part of the chaos of writing and getting the house set up I missed [...]

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New Article at Fantasy-Faction on Aeon Timeline So, this month over at Fantasy-Faction I take a look at another piece of writing software in the form of Aeon Timeline.  For those of you who struggle to keep track of which characters are where when, this can be a Godsend!

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Five Reasons To Cast Your Novel Article At Fantasy-Faction This month over at Fantasy-Faction, I'm giving you five reasons why, instead of creating characters from scratch, you should instead 'cast' the roles with actors and actresses.  From the comments it seems a lot of you are doing this already.  But if you are not there's some compelling reasons to try!

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