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Using Scrivener To Store Your Research And Notes

With May taken over with preparation and execution of my 2016 storm chase I've been remiss in letting everyone know about my latest Fantasy-Faction article.  In it, I look at how you can use Scrivener to organise your research and notes. Be sure to check it out!

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So What’s The Fuss About Campaign Cartographer? In my latest article for Fantasy-Faction, I take a look at the mapping software, Campaign Cartographer 3.  Whilst it has been primarily designed as a tool for aiding the creation of RPG campaigns, I look at how it could possibly be used as a tool to aid writers' worldbuilding. Be sure to check the [...]

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Why A Writing Career Is Like Playing An MMO In case you missed it, I did a piece for Fantasy-Faction earlier this month where I talk about why a writing a career is a bit like playing a MMO.  A lot of people have told me they liked this article so do be sure to check it out!

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So What’s The Fuss About Scribbleton? In all the excitement of getting an agent and immersing myself in rewrites, I seem to have forgot to tell everyone about this article I did for Fantasy-Faction talking about the personal wiki software, Scribbleton.  If you're worldbuilding and trying to figure out how to keep track of everything from currencies used to the [...]

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Fantasy-Faction Article On Ulysses 3 With everything going on in the background I forgot to let everyone know about my last Fantasy-Faction article in which I take a look at the writing software Ulysses 3.  Available for Mac and iPad it's a great alternative to Scrivener.  Be sure to check out my article!

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