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2015 – The Year Of Hard Work

2015 was my Year of Hard Work. I had quite a simple philosophy, it would be the year I knuckle down and work my arse off. I’d follow up any opportunity and keep my irons in every available fire, so to speak. Having spent the previous year perfecting my organisation I was confident that I [...]

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Year of Hard Work – October Report

So here we are, into the last couple of months of the year and approaching the end of my year of hard work.  I certainly don’t think I underestimated how hard this year would be, but I could never have guessed what a rollercoaster it would be.  And it’s not even over yet. […]

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It’s Done

It’s done! After 5 months and 192,000 words the revised draft of Black As Knight has gone back to the agent. I won’t deny it’s been a hard slog both physically and emotionally.  It’s the first full rewrite I’ve ever done and I learnt a lot of the experience. But I’m incredibly proud, not only [...]

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Year Of Hard Work – August Report

So in many ways, August was my worst month so far this year in terms of productivity.  I wrote only 20,000 words and my productivity was down 70% overall.  But I’m glad to say that I end the month slightly more on track. After all the excitement and then disbelief of this summer, I came [...]

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The Year Of Hard Work – July Report

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog in the last month but that’s not because I’ve not been working hard, but because I’ve been focusing on the rewrite. Whereas previous months have a wide number of projects on the go, I’ve cleared my slate to just focus on Black As Knight. Looking back at [...]

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Year Of Hard Work – June Report

In many ways, June was a funny old month.  From the perspective of my overall plan for the year, June was to be the month I knuckled back down after May’s storm chasing adventures.  My slow April had enforced that even more.  June was the time to launch myself into a new writing project and [...]

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I Now Have An (Exceptional) Agent

So I realise that I’ve been very quiet since coming back from storm chasing. Those who have somehow missed the “worst kept secret of 2015” have asked me if I’ve “stopped the writing thing”.  No, the reason I’ve been quiet is because a LOT has been happening behind the scenes these past couple of months. I’m happy [...]

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