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Method Writing – The Climb #235

Wednesday 13th September 2017 You’ve probably heard of method acting.  This is where an actor is so mentally invested in a role that even when not playing them they take on some of the characteristics.  It’s considered by many to be a very in-depth form of acting. I think I method write.  This occurred to [...]

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The Emotional Rollercoaster – The Climb #233

Monday September 11th 2017 I like to think I have a pretty good sense of self.  Sometimes it might take me a day or so to realise my mood or frame of mind when I’ve had chance to unpack it all, but I can normally tell if something is off with me. Other than occasional [...]

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Time Is The Enemy – The Climb #230

Friday 8th September 2017 It’s tempting to think that whilst I’m sat here playing World of Warcraft and tracking friends who are chasing Hurricane Irma, that nothing is going on with the writing career. But the fact is that whilst I try and recharge, the manuscript is currently with my agent.  I got an update [...]

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So This Is How Other People Live – The Climb #220

Tuesday 29th August 2017 If you’re a person who is on the go, then taking a forced break is a strange thing.  It reminds me of stepping off one of those travellators you find at airports:  your momentum is forward but everything around you has slowed down and you feel yourself stumble. I do still [...]

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It’s Done! – The Climb #219

Monday 28th August 2017 There were a couple of major things I wanted to get this Bank Holiday Monday. The first was to get out and mow the garden.  I’d hoped to do it yesterday after coming back from sparring but as always, I returned knackered and didn’t possess the strength to move. Today was [...]

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Manuscript Preperation – The Climb #218

Sunday 27th August 2017 The final stage before I send off a manuscript is what I like to call manuscript prep.  It’s the stage where I go and run a spell checker, fix small formatting issues and similar things that need to be done before sending the manuscript off. I’ll check things that I’m worried [...]

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Eye Of The Storm – The Climb #217

Saturday 26th August 2017 I’ve made a vow to myself that now the edits have been done, save for any tidy up work before sending it back to my agent, I’m going to take until the end of September off. Technically I’ve been in this state since the beginning of the week, but have been [...]

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Beta Feedback – The Climb #216

Friday 25th August 2017 Today was another long day with the day job.  Even though everyone finished early, with all the travel to Watford and back it still worked out as a 12 hour day.  I suppose that’s better than the 15 hour day I had on Wednesday but I still felt exhausted and collapsed [...]

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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends – The Climb #215

Thursday 24th August 2017 Friends have been totally awesome today. After yesterday’s stressfest, I’ve felt a little calmer today. With time comes a little hindsight.  Yes, the day job caused the majority of my stress but there were other factors as well.  Mounting demands on my time to do the dues for swordfighting definitely added [...]

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Fried – The Climb #213

Tuesday 22nd August 2017 I took tonight off from finalising the draft.  The editing is now complete and all that is left to do is a spell check and any continuity issues.  Kate has been an absolute star and said she’ll give it a quick read at the weekend.  There’s part of me that’s impatient [...]

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