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A Day Of Unexpected Editing – The Climb #353

Tuesday 9th January 2018 I’ve been feeling pretty invisible today.  I’m waiting on an email and a friend who’s currently without a mobile and said there was a 50/50 chance they’d come round, didn’t.  I’ve also been monitoring how much stress the day job gives me, and have watched my levels rise in the last [...]

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The Dresden Reread – The Climb #349

Friday 5th January 2018 One of the things I really wasn’t happy about last year was how little I read.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to read – I bought a ton of books.  I just never found the time in between edits and tournaments to really sit down days in succession and read. [...]

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Getting Organised for 2018 – The Climb #347

Wednesday 3rd January 2018 My main aim for this week is to get my ToDo list up to date. I have been a long time user of ToDoist and have processes for tracking and progressing tasks.  It’s pretty effective and has allowed me to be super-productive in recent years.  I don’t just use it for [...]

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The Year Of The Offensive – The Climb #344

Sunday 31st December 2017 2017 was a funny old year.  It was my Year of the Offensive … a year for me to push myself and claim the rewards for my hard work.  As I said back then “it’s going to be a year where I happen to it rather than it happens to me”. [...]

The Danger Of Doing What Is Expected – The Climb #343

Saturday 30th December 2017 I didn’t feel too bad this morning considering how much I’d had to drink at the party, but I was glad when some of the others who’d stayed over decided that we’d go to a greasy spoon.  I’m not sure whether it was just the hangover, but I think that was [...]

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Preparing For Xmas – The Climb #335

Friday 22nd December 2017 And suddenly, it was Xmas. It seems like Christmas has just suddenly arrived.  I've been busy doing loads of things and telling myself that I really need to do a few things for xmas, only to suddenly find I've run out of time.  It seemed like only yesterday that it was [...]

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Burn Out – The Climb #332

Tuesday 19th December 2017 I’ve started feeling a bit better the last couple of days.  Sunday’s low day just made me realise just how run down I was. Looking back I can see just how swamped with tasks I’ve been since the end of August.  I found myself getting stressed out in September when it [...]

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The Year Of Frustration – The Climb #329

Saturday 16th December 2017 This is supposed to be the year of the offensive, but this last week it’s really felt like the year of frustration. Perhaps I’m being a little unfair here.    I’ve really pushed myself this year, documenting everything I’ve been doing to try and move various elements of my life forwards. But [...]

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The Difficult Second Album – The Climb #328

Friday 15th December 2017 If watching Star Wars has done anything for me, it’s that it’s got me thinking more about the Shade Knight books. I think one of my stresses regarding book 2 is making it as good as the first book.  I’ve often described Black as Knight as Batman Year One.  It’s the [...]

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The Writer’s Voice – The Climb #318

Tuesday 5th December 2017 It seems there’s a new bug going around and I’ve come down with it. Over the past 24 hours, 2 of my friends have come down with this light flu.  You’re basically bunged up and your muscles and joints ache like they do with a normal flu. It seems to pass [...]

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