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A New Addition To The Family

I woke this morning to something large coming through the letter box. I'll admit that my first thought was a DVD, but since I now buy blu-ray and haven't got any order outstanding, I'll put it down to the fog of sleep. What it turned out to be was something much more exciting: The first [...]

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New Story Being Published In December

Ahh December! That time of goodwill and worrying what you're going to buy your aunty for Christmas. 2010 seems to have flown past but it's not quite time for the best of the year lists. No, there's still time to squeeze out some extra news. I have some fiction due for publication this month! Yes. [...]

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Thank You

One of the traits of being a writer (at least for me – I’m not sure if it holds universally true) is that you spend an awful lot of time wondering if you’re any good. I heard someone say that “all good artists constantly doubt themselves” and I hope that’s true, because there are times, [...]

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