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The Four Realms Now On Goodreads

Everything seems to be picking up speed as we head towards publication. It feels like an unstoppable juggernaut speeding up and my emotions seem to waver between excited and scared. The latest milestone is the addition of the novel to Goodreads. Now everyone can add it to their must-read list and tell the world just [...]

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eARCS Of Four Realms Now Available

So when your forthcoming novel gets described as "what we believe is the BEST Anarchy Book yet!!" that's some accolade; when that accolade comes from the publisher themselves you break out the 'never seen in public' snoopy dance. But don't worry if you think they are probably a little biased towards the novel as we've [...]

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The Next Big Thing

So as you may be aware there’s been this meme going around various authors’ blogs called “The Next Big Thing” which is just an excuse to talk about what you are currently working on. As crass as that might sound, I’ve enjoyed reading other authors’ responses and was delighted when Anne Lyle tagged me in [...]

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New day job means my writing schedule is all over the place. There’s a few things I’ve been working on, but nothing that feels productive. I’ve tried to at least keep the blog ticking along and I’ve also started writing a test scene for Refugee in first person but mostly I’ve been thinking about one [...]

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Playing with Process

When I decided that I would take my writing seriously – really try and make a go of it – I decided that I would always take risks, that I would never play it safe. For the most part, I’m glad I did that. I probably didn’t realise it at the time, lost in the [...]

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Deciding My Next Writing Project

The agent search continues and it’s quite tiring. I keep telling myself that these things take time and that there are no guarantees , but still there’s this nagging feeling that people around are starting to question why you don’t have the book published yet. Were you lying about how good you thought you were? [...]

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