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New Interview At My Bookish Ways

The good folks over at My Bookish Ways have an interview up with yours truly where I talk about The Four Realms, as well as some of my influences. I also reveal a famous face that made me go completely fanboy and what I'm currently working on. Check out the interview here

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Epub Version of Four Realms Now Available

If you use an ereader other than a Kindle I'm glad to announce that the Epub version of the novel is now available to purchase from The Robot Trading Company. This version will be compatible for those of you with iBooks software on your iPads, as well as Sony Readers and pretty much every other [...]

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A Small Favour

It seems a lot of you are now getting to the end of the book if the messages I'm receiving are anything to go by, and by the sounds of it you are loving the book. Thank you for all the kind words, they are the secret best thing about being an author! As a [...]

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Interview At Civilian Reader

So Stefan over at Civilian Reader kindly took the time to interview me about the book. Hopefully I gave some sensible answers that made for an interesting read. Be sure to check it out if you want to find out some details on The Thieving King, you want to hear the Eva Mendez story (surely [...]

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Seasonal Novel Extract At Manga Maniac Cafe

What better way to celebrate Xmas than a seasonal extract from the novel. And the fine folks over at Manga Maniac Cafe have got you covered with an exclusive extract. In it, you'll get introduced to the mysterious Mr West in a very snowy New York City. Be sure to check it out, especially if [...]

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The First Review At The Eloquent Page

Everything seems to be going at a hundred miles an hour at the moment. One minute I'm waiting for the book to come out, the next it's out, people are reading it, I've been interviewed and now reviewed. I don't think any of it has really sunk in yet and I'm like a listless over-excited [...]

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New Interview Over At Manga Maniac Cafe

I took a few days off from the day job so to use up some of my remaining holiday entitlement and to try and get my Xmas shopping done, but as you can imagine, things have been a little crazy. Yesterday was spent following the madness that is Amazon Sales Rank and willing the book [...]

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The Four Realms Now On Goodreads

Everything seems to be picking up speed as we head towards publication. It feels like an unstoppable juggernaut speeding up and my emotions seem to waver between excited and scared. The latest milestone is the addition of the novel to Goodreads. Now everyone can add it to their must-read list and tell the world just [...]

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