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Bookshelf Bombshells Rates The Four Realms As A “Buy It!”

Given how much writers struggle with putting together the synopsis of a novel, I'm starting to wonder, following this brilliant summary of the setup of The Four Realms, whether authors should employ reviewers to write them. I jest, of course, but this review does a really good job of getting 'inside' the setup of the [...]

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Interview With Fantasy Book Review

Not sure how I missed blogging about this, especially as I really enjoyed answering the questions and think it's a great interview, but I did this interview with Fantasy Book Review. A nice mix of personal stuff as well as a few story teasers, I think the interview has bits of interest for everyone. Check [...]

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Four Realms Gets Book Of The Month

As the author, I'm naturally very proud of The Four Realms. What surprised, and genuinely delighted me, is how well it has been received. So I'm doing the 'happy Snoopy dance' to find out that Fantasy Book Review has selected it as one of their books of the month for March. They obviously have impeccable [...]

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Fantasy Book Review Gives Four Realms A Fantastic Book Review

I can't think of a better way to start the week than to get a good review, and I have to be honest and say that this one from Fantasy Book Review has brightened not only my day but the entire week. I've been blessed with some really excellent reviews for The Four Realms and [...]

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The Troubled Scribe Reviews The Four Realms

Nothing puts a smile on your face than another good review of your debut novel, and The Troubled Scribe today brings us the latest. In his considered review he says: "The Four Realms is a twisted and must-read that will probably leave you a tad shell-shocked after it’s all said and done." Be sure to [...]

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Guest Post: All About Maureen

It's very clear that one of the things readers are in unison about is the character, Maureen Summerglass. An 82 year old lady seems an unlikely choice for a heroine, but it appears to be one that has worked with readers and for that I'm really glad. I did a guest post for A Fantastic [...]

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A Fantastic Librarian Gives Another Fantastic Review

The Four Realms got another great review yesterday from the blog, A Fantastic Librarian. I'm spoilt like a kid in a sweet shop trying to choose between all the great quotes so let's just highlight the one that says " If you’re looking for a fun, diverting read, The Four Realms is just the ticket." [...]

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WarpcoreSF Reviews The Four Realms

I've been loving the reviews The Four Realms has been getting. Even the ones that have had criticisms have been thoughtful and honest. I keep worrying that inevitably there will be one I don't love, that will hit some previous unknown painful truth. WarpcoreSF have published their review and have said some very nice things [...]

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New Review At All Things Urban Fantasy

It's a busy week and another blogger has published their review of The Four Realms. Whilst the reviewer over at All Things Urban Fantasy had some issues with the way the story alternates between characters every chapter, they said some mighty nice things. "This book manages to marry these conflicting flavors of classic and urban [...]

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